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Thursday, October 1st, 2020

I have been victim of some weird version of workoholism


Mumbai , Vidya Balan on 92.7 BIG FM and Muthoot Blue’s ‘Dhun Badal Ke Toh Dekho with Vidya Balan’ has taken to encourage people to change their perspective around social stigmas, in her new role as an RJ. However, in the upcoming episode, Vidya picks a favourite summer theme –vacations and has B-town celebs spill the beans about their favourite spots in the world. The talented actress and now RJ discusses vacations in candid conversations with stars such as Ali Fazal and Dia Mirza among many others. When asked about the last time he went on vacation, Ali Fazal said, “You won’t believe it! I have been a victim of some weird version of workaholism, I used to think that taking a vacation is wrong; it made me feel guilty. I’ve travelled a lot for work and fortunately, I’ve gone to good places. But wherever I went, it was for work and so I wasn’t guilty about it. It’s very important to take a holiday because your body needs to know that you’re not in work mode. Recently, Richa and I went to the Maldives and we had only 2 and a half days with us, but I realised that I hadn’t relaxed this much in years! It was like heaven. I feel jealous when I see people taking some time out, going on holidays and having fun. You have to do that for yourself.” Speaking about where she likes to vacation, actress Dia Mirza who is known for taking the off-beaten path shared, “Forests! I like to explore forests. India has such beautiful natural environments places which I enjoy exploring. Our country has almost 46 national parks and I’ve been to 8-10. I am aiming to complete those 46 national parks before I die.” MUTHOOT BLUE DHUN BADAL KE TOH DEKHO WITH VIDYA BALAN presented by MUTHOOT FINCORP is BIG FM’s new show which focuses on bringing imperative social topics to the forefront, airs every weekday evening from 7pm to 9pm, with repeats on Saturday and Sunday. In addition to that, a special highlight segment - MUTHOOT BLUE DHUN BADAL KE TOH DEKHO WITH VIDYA BALAN presented by Muthoot Fincorp spotlight which airs from Monday to Friday between 01:00 PM to 02:00 PM.



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