Zareen Khan also said that she is in a happy and secure relationship. Along with this, boyfriend Shivashish Mishra has also been praised.

The actress said, “No marriage is on the cards. Well, Shiva and I are getting to know each other. It has been a year and now that we know each other, I have realized that Shiva is a human being like me and I think that is the reason why it becomes easy to get along with him. I am very happy with Shivashish right now; I don’t want to jump into anything like marriage.

Bollywood actress Zareen Khan is currently dating Shivashish Mishra, the contestant of season 12 of Salman Khan’s reality show Bigg Boss. Both of them are dating each other since last one year. Zareen Khan and Shivashish Mishra are often seen together. There is also a rumor that both of them can get married soon. In such a situation, Zareen Khan herself has reacted to the marriage with Shivashish Mishra. PLC&GT


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