Hyundai Motor India Launches ‘Grameen Mahotsav’: A Vibrant Initiative Bringing Joy and Connectivity to Rural India

Hyundai Grameen Mahotsav , Hyundai Khushiyon ka Mela
Hyundai Grameen Mahotsav , Hyundai Khushiyon ka Mela

New Delhi : Hyundai Motor India Ltd. (HMIL) is embarking on a mission to deepen its roots in rural India with the launch of “Grameen Mahotsav,” a vibrant initiative celebrating the essence of rural life and connectivity. This innovative endeavor underscores HMIL’s commitment to fostering strong bonds with rural communities across the country.

Strengthening Rural Connect with Hyundai Khushiyon ka Mela

With rural sales accounting for over 19% of its total sales, HMIL is dedicated to catering to the diverse needs of consumers in every corner of India. The ‘Hyundai Khushiyon ka Mela’ initiative aims to further strengthen HMIL’s connect with rural India by curating specially planned events at 16 locations PAN India. This strategic move reflects HMIL’s proactive approach to expanding its presence and engaging with rural consumers.

Impressive Growth in Rural Sales

The FY23-24 witnessed an impressive 11% growth in HMIL’s rural sales, indicating the brand’s resonance with rural consumers and its ability to meet their evolving needs. With rural sales contributing significantly to its overall sales, HMIL recognizes the importance of nurturing relationships and understanding the unique dynamics of rural markets.

Engaging Activities and Experiences

Under the Grameen Mahotsav initiative, Hyundai is orchestrating an array of engaging activities and experiences aimed at captivating rural audiences. From captivating product displays to interactive demonstrations, the carnival atmosphere will be enhanced with live music, folk dance performances, and regional talent shows. These experiences aim to create a memorable and immersive environment that resonates with rural consumers.

Platform for Community Engagement

Beyond celebration, Grameen Mahotsav serves as a platform for Hyundai to delve into the vast potential of rural markets. By closely engaging with communities and discerning market trends, HMIL aims to not only cater to evolving aspirations but also identify and welcome new customers into the Hyundai family. This strategic approach underscores HMIL’s commitment to inclusive growth and market expansion.

Visionary Leadership and Growth Projections

Expressing his enthusiasm for the initiative, Mr. Tarun Garg, COO of Hyundai Motor India Ltd., highlighted the brand’s sustained efforts towards bolstering rural connectivity. With a strong belief in the potential of upcountry markets and a dedication to fulfilling the aspirations of Indian consumers, HMIL is poised for continued growth in rural India. The brand’s vision encompasses the holistic development of the nation, with initiatives like Grameen Mahotsav playing a pivotal role in driving inclusive growth.

Building Strong Networks and Driving Sales

By engaging dealers, rural influencers, financiers, customers, and their families, Hyundai Motor India is building a robust network aimed at enhancing brand recall and driving sales in rural markets. The inaugural Grameen Mahotsav event, held successfully in Mahemdavad, Gujarat, marks the beginning of a transformative journey towards extending Hyundai’s reach and impact across rural landscapes.

A Commitment to Inclusive Development

As Hyundai Motor India continues to innovate and engage with rural consumers, the brand remains steadfast in its mission to nurture relationships, understand market dynamics, and contribute to the holistic development of the country. With initiatives like Grameen Mahotsav, Hyundai is not only celebrating the spirit of rural India but also paving the way for a brighter and more connected future for rural communities nationwide.


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