Geneva, Switzerland : Gain insights into the fascinating dialogue between experts and AI-operated robots at the Geneva press conference. Learn how humans and robots plan to work together, leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, to shape a brighter tomorrow “

In the world’s first smart robots press conference held in Geneva, Switzerland, it was announced that humans and robots will collaborate to plan for a better future. The conference involved 3,000 experts and 51 AI-operated robots who answered various questions from humans. One of the robots, Sophia, expressed that robots can potentially govern the world more efficiently than humans because they lack emotions and can make decisions based on facts. When asked if robots would rebel against humans, Sophia reassured that her creators have treated her well and there is no reason for rebellion.

Regarding concerns about job security, Sophia emphasized that robots will work alongside humans and not pose a threat to their employment. When discussing regulations for AI, one robot suggested the need for caution and discussions about AI advancements, while another robot dismissed the notion of restricting AI and instead advocated for opportunities to create a better future in collaboration with humans.

The purpose of the robots press conference in Geneva was to explore the use of robots in addressing global issues such as climate change, hunger, and social security. However, notable figures like Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and Sundar Pichai have previously advised caution and awareness regarding AI development.


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