Beijing :  For the first time in the history of human medicine, Chinese scientists have succeeded in growing human kidneys in pigs. The credit for this discovery goes to scientists from China’s Guangzhou Institute of Biomedicine and Health. Scientists said in their research that they have developed humanized kidneys in pigs.

 pig's kidneys will be used in humans
pig’s kidneys will be used in humans

These contain human cells. This discovery can overcome the shortage of organ donation in the coming days. In this experiment, human and pig cells were combined to create human-pig chimeric embryos and transferred to surrogate female pigs. However, scientists said that these kidneys cannot currently be used for transplant in humans. Because, most of the developed kidneys of pigs contained vessels and nerves. However, he made an even more important point, ‘It is not yet clear whether any human organ can be created with the current genetic engineering technology.

Human kidney vs pig's
Human kidney vs pig’s

Researchers at the Guangzhou Institute of Biomedicine and Health said, ‘Their focus was solely on developing the kidney. It is the most commonly transplanted organ in human medicine. Senior author Liangxu Lai, of the Guangzhou Institute of Biomedicine and Health of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Wuyi University, said, ‘Many attempts in the past to grow human organs in pigs have failed.’ The scientists said, ‘Our approach was that the pigs Human kidney should be developed in. For this we had to deliver human cells to the recipients (pigs) in the right way.

This scientific group is also worthy of congratulations because many attempts to develop human kidneys in pigs have failed in the past. According to the information, during the development of kidneys, pig cells used to destroy human cells, due to which. The resulting product (kidneys) was only from pigs. Chinese scientists have overcome a hurdle of genetically engineering single-cell pig embryos.


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