Huawei, a leading global information and communications technology solutions provider, today announced the launch of its Enterprise Business unit, to provide breakthrough business solutions in India. The launch also witnessed the unveiling of the highly anticipated HD Telepresence business system which leverages the industry’s best HD technologies and offers innovative and power-efficient solutions along with providing enriched functions and features.

The emergence of cloud computing and the convergence of Information, Communications and Technology (ICT) has transformed the entire industry. This transformation and the parallel foray in the enterprise business have offered Huawei unprecedented new opportunities and will provide enormous room for Huawei’s strategic growth. Through unremitting efforts over the past two decades, Huawei has established its leadership in Communications and Techonolgy (CT). In its transition from a CT to and ICT company, Enterprise Business would be a major thrust for Huawei and is expected to clock $15 billion revenue by 2015. Owing to the potential of the Enterprise business in India, Huawei will also strengthen its staff by 400 by the end of 2012.

Driven by the fast-growing IT application demands of enterprise users, Huawei has now developed the Telepresence video conferencing unit which can fundamentally change the board room meeting culture. Staying true to its tagline, One World One Office, the Huawei Telepresence brings an immersive experience with HD video and directional sound; effectively transcending the boundaries between companies and partners distributed around the world.  Huawei’s Telepresence has been designed to include powerful processing capabilities to render the best possible audio and video as well as state-of-the-art reliability, security, and cost effective technologies. Due in part to their easy usage, this innovative product allow for facilitated planning, flawless execution, and maintenance. In addition, Telepresence employs an array of innovative technologies to reduce power consumption, enabling enterprises to operate in a more energy-efficient manner.

“The Enterprise business is becoming increasingly important here in India and associated IT applications are undergoing dramatic changes. In light of this, the launch of Huawei’s new enterprise products coincides with the growing willingness of enterprises to set up next-generation ICT architecture. As part of our enterprise expansion plans here, Huawei will focus on providing information and communication technology solutions (ICT solutions) for sectors such as transport, energy, telecom, finance and others. In order to offer enterprise users premium products and services, Huawei will continue developing innovative enterprise networking products and solutions.” said Mr. Eric Yu, President, Enterprise Business- Huawei India.

Huawei has a full range of ICT products in its enterprise business portfolio which encompasses 5 business verticals- IP, CT, IT, Vertical Industry and Services. As part of its ‘enterprise business’ expansion plans in India, the Chinese major will focus on providing information and communication technology solutions (ICT solutions) for sectors such as transport, energy, telecom, finance and others.



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