The Haryana Power Generation Corporation Limited (HPGCL) has adopted   Results Framework Document (RFD), a system for Performance Management and  Evaluation on annual basis. While stating this today, Mr Anurag Agarwal, Managing Director, HPGCL said that Government of Haryana has decided to implement a Performance Management and Evaluation System (PMES) for all departments. Under PMES, the RFD for each department is being finalized. However, HPGCL has found the concept of RFD to be a unique tool for performance management. Accordingly, HPGCL has prepared RFD for each Power Plant giving detailed targets for Plant Load Factor, Fuel Consumption, Auxiliary Consumption and Cost of Generation.  The targets for five year period have been set after detailed consultation with the Chief Engineers of respective Power Plant and other officers.  The RFD summarizes the most important results that an organization expects to achieve during a financial year. The main purpose of RFD is to shift the focus of an organization from Process Oriented to Result Oriented. The RFD also provides for an agreement between the Minister concerned and the Administrative Secretary of the department, responsible for achieving the indicated targets. He said that HPGCL has prepared an RFD document which highlights the most important targets it expects to achieve during the current financial year, relating to the performance of its Thermal Power Stations. Taking the matter forward, the Chief Engineers of HPGCL Thermal Power Stations at Panipat, Hisar and Yamunanagar, signed an agreement with the Director,Technical and Director,Generation of HPGCL at a formal ceremony held in Urja Bhawan, Panchkula, for achieving the targets prescribed in the RFD for   2012-13. He added that signing of these documents would result in a commitment from officers in-charge of a Power Plant to the Board of Directors for achieving certain performance parameters.


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