How to properly offer food to hindu gods and goddesses

Shiv ling puja
Shiv ling puja

Daily worship has great importance in Hindu religion. There are many benefits of worshiping regularly. But the full fruit of worship, God’s grace and positivity is achieved only then. When worship is done as per rules.

In worship, offering along with chanting mantras, recitation etc. has great importance. God is pleased only if the offering is made in the right manner. If we offer food to God in the wrong way or in the wrong vessel. Due to this the puja is considered incomplete. Let us know the rules of offering food to Gods and Goddesses.

While offering food to God, we must chant this mantra. It is believed that by chanting this mantra, God quickly accepts the offerings made by us. This mantra is-
The object of my life is dedicated to Govind Tubhyameva, the famous God in front of me.

Always choose a vessel made of gold, silver, copper or brass for offering to God. Apart from this, bhog can also be offered in clay or wooden utensils. Aluminum, iron, steel or plastic utensils should never be used for offering food. After offering Bhog, leave it in the temple for some time, then distribute it among everyone.

In the scriptures, the offerings to all the Gods and Goddesses starting from Lord Ganesha, Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva have been explained in detail. It is believed that by offering offerings to the Gods and Goddesses, they become happy quickly. But if this is not possible, then you can offer the same type of sweets, sugar candy etc.

Take special care that the offering should not be disrespected in any way. Do not throw any offering, do not play with it and do not touch the offering with dirty hands. Offer the food to God only with clean hands and respect the food in the same way as you respect your loved ones.


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