How to deal with miscarriage at home during the pandemic


– Dr.Meghana Reddy – 

After testing positive for pregnancy, coping up with the sad news of miscarriage can be quite difficult for a parent to absorb the fact. Even though it’s been just few weeks or months, parents tend to emotionally bond themselves with the growing child. And abruptly knowing that the child is no more, will be tough to handle. This news can actually trigger many emotions like anger, disheartenment with the loss, angry of not being careful, blaming oneself for the loss, crying hours together to deal with it, all these are quite normal ways to vent out or to take in the reality.

Also, in these unprecedented times, where virus scare is always in mind, many are avoiding clinical check-ups. Along with this handling miscarriage all by yourself at home can be quite painful. But it necessary for the mother,that she takes required measures which will help her in dealing with her miscarriage at home and to do so, she can opt the below mentioned tips-

·         Go for routine e-checks: Since its Covid, avoid going to the hospital for check-ups, instead opt for immediate e-checks. So that you keep a tab on your health in a safe way. If going to the hospital is unavoidable, then take advance appointments and all necessary precautions before you step out

·         Take rest: Do not over burden yourself with work load. You need a lot of rest to deal with the loss. You may also suffer with severe cramps and body pains, so resting well will help you recover faster

·         Talk to a therapist: Along with the help from your dear ones, talk to a therapist to deal with the grief. So that you can recover in a better way

·         Take medications as prescribed: Follow your doctor’s advice and take all the required medication including pain killers, anti-biotic, multivitamins

·         Bleeding out: Pain like abdominal cramps and bleeding is very normal during a miscarriage. Bleeding is a sign of miscarriage. Use sanitary pads until the bleeding stops, avoid using tampons.

·         Eat healthy: Consume foods that will help you in regaining the lost blood. More of iron based food items. Avoid oily, spicy, sugary and unhealthy foods.

·         Avoid intercourse: Strictly avoid intercourse with your partner. With intercourse, the healing of vaginal bleeding will take longer.

·         Emotionally low: You might trigger feelings like angry, loss, guilt, grief, hopelessness, jealousy (looking at other expecting mothers). These feeling are quite natural, instead of blaming yourself and pulling your morale down, deal with it. Take family and friends support so cross through this rough patch.

·         Future pregnancy: Take some time to deal with the loss before planning your next pregnancy. Ensure that you take a gap of at least 6months before you plan your next pregnancy.

·         Change in period cycle: Since you have lost a lot of blood during your miscarriage, as per the health you have gained, you might get your period cycle after 2-3 months post the miscarriage. Do not panic it might take longer than this for few.

Remember, your body undergoes millions of changes when you are expecting a child. And your body needs to fall back to normalcy post the loss too, and this may take time. Give yourself undivided attention so that your recovery happens in a healthy way.



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