New Delhi :Patanjali Foods Limited introduced new premium products in the market, keeping in mind the upper class. Yoga guru Baba Ramdev, while presenting the new premium products of Patanjali Foods Limited at a program organized at Constitution Club here, said that Nutrela Max Millets has 14 products including Ragi Choco Cereals, Ragi Biscuit, 7-Grain Biscuit, Digestive Biscuit, Nutrela Max Nuts. is being launched in the market. He said that health biscuits, Nutrela millet products and premium dry fruits are being introduced in the market for high-end consumers.

He said that India was earlier occupied by foreign companies, from biscuits to ghee, oil, flour and rice, the entire kitchen items were available from foreign companies, but today Patanjali’s products have changed the whole situation. Patanjali’s goods are being seen in every house. He said that when we said that Patanjali would leave Unilever behind, no one believed. Right now this company is ahead of us but Patanjali will soon leave Unilever behind.

How long will you keep licking the lies of foreigners

He said that a monk got the company listed for the first time in the capital market. Patanjali is poised to become a big company. He said that the turnover of Patanjali is about Rs 45 thousand crore. The company is reaching about two billion people in 100 countries of the world. He said, we have sent many foreign companies out of the Indian market by giving them headship. Mentioning the importance of yoga on this occasion, he said that yoga is necessary for self-reliance. He said that Yoga is needed for this era.

Baba Ramdev has said that the whole world is looking towards India. Let us become self-reliant in health as well. How long will you keep licking the lies of foreigners? I say that economic and social self-government keeps collapsing. We did what even medical science could not do. Two decades ago, the world knew little about us.


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