How did Rudraksh perform miracles watch viral video
How did Rudraksh perform miracles watch viral video

In Madhya Pradesh, famous kathawachak Pradeep Mishra by the name of Sehore Wale Maharaj, lakhs of people come here. Apart from Rudraksh, Pradeep Mishra also suggests Lord Shankar’s mantra and bel patra to the people. For many people his remedy has worked wonders in their lives. Many of these people also thank him by writing letters. Similarly, a seven-day Rudraksh distribution and Shiv Mahapuran Katha was organized from 16 February to 22 February at Kubeshwar Dham Sehore.

15 lakh devotees reached on the first day itself

In this, more than 15 lakh devotees reached on the first day itself. Due to the large number of devotees, an atmosphere of chaos had also been created here. But the faith of the devotees regarding Rudraksh was unwavering. One such devotee has written a letter to Pandit Pradeep Mishra about the effect of the Rudraksh he got last year.

The doctor said that he would never be able to speak

Pooja Sharma from Ambala, Haryana sent a letter to Pradeep Mishra. He also wrote his phone number in it. In this, she tells about the miracle that happened to her 5 year old son with Rudraksh. He wrote, my son could not speak a word even after he was 5 years old. He had also put a photo of his child in this letter. That woman also got her child treated in Chandigarh. But the doctor there raised his hands after the arrival of the medical test. He said that there is no cure for it. After this, Pooja Sharma adopted every solution that she could do at home. But people told him that he would not be able to speak for the rest of his life. Someone said fast for Pashupatinath and someone said go to Shiva temple. Pooja Sharma did all that.

Sehore’s Rudraksh showed effect

Then someone suggested that he go to Sehore. But when she came to Sehore, there was a Rudraksha distribution bandh at that time. He somehow took 1 Rudraksh by showing the doctor’s report. On December 10, 2022, she had taken Rudraksh. She used to put that Rudraksh in water at night and offer it to Shiva in the morning. Then the offered water used to make the child yellow. He did this regularly and started speaking only in February of this year. Pooja Sharma wrote in the end that whoever goes to Sehore after saying something from the heart, comes here again in 3 months.


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