Monday, July 6th, 2020

Hope someday we don’t need women’s day


New Delhi ,
Vidya Balan has won millions of hearts, not only with her mind-blowing performances on screen but also by speaking her heart out and standing for what she truly believes in. Just when we thought, we have seen all shades of the actress, Vidya Balan yet again surprises us with her stint as a Radio Jockey and a surprise rap she sang for her first ever radio show Dhun Badal Ke Toh Dekho for BIG FM. The show Dhun Badal Ke Toh Dekho will recognize exemplary stories of real-life people who have changed the way the society thinks and behaves, to inspire the listeners. In complete form, Vidya takes a dig at all those stereotypes which women hear every day and gives a message to women and men alike in a recent video by 92.7 BIG FM. On the age old question that girls from good homes should not stay out till late, Vidya Balan shuts the trollers with her epic comeback “Moms from good homes should not believe in such old sayings.” To add to this, she has an apt reply even for parents who believes that “Betiya Paraya Dhan Hain.” The actress responds “Girls are standing up on their feet and can earn for themselves and if need be can take care of their husbands as well. They are not someone else's wealth but are themselves wealthy enough.” Vidya Balan further wished everyone and said, “A Very happy women’s day to everyone, not just women, girls but also to the men. It’s a reminder to celebrate the women in your lifes, today. But I hope someday we don’t need women’s day… and that we celebrate ourselves… and we are celebrated every day… and we value ourselves a little more each day... More power to all of you!”



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