Monday, May 25th, 2020

Honour Killing Of Lover In Berhampur of Odisha

honour killing,INVC,Berhampur,honour killing incidence, young lover couple killed in berhampur,young lover couple killed by girl's brothers, Bramhapur city , Sajjad Badshah, INVC, Berhampur, In a hair raising honour killing incidence, a young lover couple were killed by girl's brothers in front of the boy's widow mother.This incidence occured at theoutskirts of the Bramhapur city , a place called Haladipadar.Reports says that just hours before the marriage of the girl ,she fled her house and reached her boyfriend Ashok's residence at midnight of saturday but the story has a sad end as girl's two brothers and a relative reached and despite their repeated request to come back home . The girl denied to come back . Then enraged brothers hacked the lover duo to death by attacking with sharp weapon's inpresence of the boyfriend's widow mother .The police took the dead body post mortemed and started a man haunt  to nab the assilent brothers , while girl's father has been detained in the police station for the further interrogation.



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