Homosexuality Criminalized in Iraq: Parliament Passes Controversial Bill


Baghdad : The Iraq’s parliament has passed a bill criminalizing homosexual relations. In Iraq, people having homosexual relations can now be sentenced to 10-15 years in prison. According to the new law, transgender people can be jailed for up to 3 years. Those supporting this decision have said that through the new law they will protect religious sentiments in the country.

People who promote homosexuality or prostitution and doctors who perform sex change surgeries in Iraq will now be jailed. Additionally, men who knowingly behave like women and those involved in wife swapping may also face jail under the new law.

There is a provision of 7 years imprisonment for people promoting homosexual relations. In fact, in Iraq, the prostitution law was changed in 1980 and the death penalty for homosexual relations was added to it. This decision was opposed by many western countries including America, after which it was changed again. Iraqi MP Amir al-Mamuri told Shafaq News that this law is very important to rein in those who go against Islamic and social values. The bill was scheduled to be passed in early April, but was postponed due to Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani’s visit to the US.

America and the European Union have opposed the new law passed in Iraq. The US State Department said that this law is a threat to human rights. This will also affect Iraq’s economy and foreign investment. At the same time, British Foreign Minister David Cameron has called this law dangerous and worrying. He said that no person should be targeted on the basis of his identity. We call on the Government of Iraq to protect human rights and people’s freedoms.


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