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Wednesday, December 8th, 2021

Home Secretary interacts with the students of GHS Manimajra

INVC,, Chandigarh, As the schools in Chandigarh reopens after Dussehra holidays, today, the Home Secretary Sh Ram Niwas , reached the Government Model High ,Manimajra to interact with the students as a part of interactive gupshup session, he holds in various schools from time to time. The Home Secretary today discussed the issues pertaining to School Education, Health programme, eating habits, Civic sense, moral science and many other interesting topics. So far, he has personally contacted more than I lac students in Government schools during the last one and half years. Home secretary asked the Parents association and teachers present over there to inculcate the civic sense and moral values among the children. Sh.Ram Niwas encouraged students to be focused in their lives. While narrating the examples of Indian sports persons who won many medals in the Commonwealth games, he told them to do hard work, and practice at least one game regularly. Secretary also shared with the students the ideas of Dr. Abdul Kalam on the importance of Character building. He told them as to how the people in developed countries are dedicated, sincere and punctual. Besides this, he shared with them various instances from the good practices in foreign countries. HS Educated students to be polite and respectful towards fair sex and domestic and international tourists visiting Chandigarh. Under the School Health programme, the students of all government schools have been given vitamins, de worming capsules and dental check ups free of cost. HS directed the Principal to distribute the capsules to all students during the Mid day meal. During this session, students and parents were also given concepts related to health promotion and disease prevention. Home Secretary also told the parents present that it was the health awareness that would help their wards to attain healthy habits and attitudes. He told them that the care of the body regarding food, cleanliness, exercise, and nutritious diet was essential for the preservation of sound health of their wards. The children were also made aware about the intake of balanced diet, healthy food and refraining from junk and aerated drinks that harm the body. During the interaction the students were also shown the microscopic Photographs of a hand full of germs and bacteria and also photograph of a person with cancerous oozing wounds due to smoking and drugs. The students raised slogans with him such as “no to junk food”, “no to carbonated drinks”. He exhorted these students to eat green vegetables, drink sufficient water, brush teeth before going to bed, wash hands before eating and to avoid exposed food and fruits. HS also educated the students about civic sense, fundamental rights and duties as well as how to protect the government properties meant for the public usage, protecting environment, spreading common brotherhood in the society, loving animals, reading newspapers, watching a News bulletin daily, doing home work regularly, avoiding computer games as it leads to violent behaviour. HS also threw light on the scientific spirit of enquiry and asked the students to persuade their parents or other family members to refrain from superstitious practices. HS also emphasized on the ill effects of drugs that the young children should not only indulge into these habits but also spread message among their peer group to always abstain from such habits. The students enjoyed the interaction and also shared their vision with the Home Secretary to keep the surrounding and environment neat and clean and fresh. With the participation of more than 1100 students and 50 staff members, the Home Secretary also administered them oath for anti drug.



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