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Saturday, October 31st, 2020

HIV Positive Prisoners at Tihar Jail in Delhi

INVC,, Delhi,, A total number of 33,886 people have been found positive for HIV infection in different Integrated Counseling & Testing Centres (ICTC) in Delhi from 2002- Dec. 2009. Out of these 23,946 have been registered in HIV care at 9 Anti Retroviral Therapy (ART) centres in Delhi. On basis of clinical examination and investigation, 10,770 eligible PLHA were started on ART. Currently 6707 People Living with HIV-AIDS (PLHA )are alive and on regular treatment. In Tihar jail since June, 2008 to Feb. 2010, 2540 inmates have been tested and out of them, 201 have been found to be HIV positive. At present 55 inmates infected from HIV/AIDS are lodged in Delhi jails out of which 14 inmates are on Anti- Retroviral Therapy. All inmates on their first entry to jail are screened for the risk factor for HIV infection like intravenous drug abuse, drug addiction, sexual promiscuity, history of blood transfusions and infections like T.B. fungal infection etc. these inmates are tested for HIV in ICTC as per NACO protocol. Regular education and counseling of inmates suffering from HIV negative are informed about the causes of spread of HIV and they are counseled to reduce risks and remain HIV negative. The inmates who are found HIV positive are provided treatment and care. Oral substitution therapy for opioid addicts especially for intravenous drug users was started in central jail in Nov. 2007. It has shown good results in improving physical and mental health, psycho-social functioning and normalizing the lives of HIV infected drug users. Further, this has been linked to OST centres run by AIIMS. So that inmates on OST after release can continue their treatment. Oral substitution therapy is known to be effective in not only reducing risk of HIV infection, improving physical and mental health, reducing mortality, improving psycho-social functioning reducing criminality and stabilizing and normalizing the lives of drugs users. images106



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