Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh has extended greetings to people of the state on the occasion of Hindi Diwas on September 14 tommorow. In his message to public, Dr Singh said that Hindi Language has the status of official language of India in the Constitution and it is also popular as national language across the country. Hindi is the identity and pride of India.

He said- being a widely popular language of communication, Hindi is the language of nation unity in India. Dr Singh said- in our Indian Culture based on unity in diversity, each state of the state has its own rich language and dialects. Along with these regional languages and dialects, we all need to pay attention towards development of Hindi Language. To further elevate the prestige of Hindi Language, government institutions of all the states of the country should do their official work in Hindi language. Dr Raman Singh said- after India got independence on August 15, 1947, Constitution assembly had decided to give Hindi Language the status of official language of the country, on September 14, 1949. As a memory of this historical moment and as a pledge for development of official language Hindi, we celebrate Hindi Diwas on September 14 every year. Chief Minister expressed joy and satisfaction over the fact that many universities and schools across the work teach Hindi Language. According to a survey, Hindi is the second most spoken language in the world, after Mandarin language of China, while English holds third rank.

He said- it is a matter of pride that Hindi is not only a language of literature, art and culture but it has also become a language of science and knowledge. Many NRI families have upheld the tradition of speaking Hindi in many distant countries. Especially in the countries like Mauritius, Fiji, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Surinam, UAE (Dubai), England, USA and Australia, Hindi speaking NRI people have made the language popular in these countries.


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