Friday, April 10th, 2020

High tech virtual driving simulator mounted on vehicle body with custom built driving test track for rto


New Delhi, People seeking a permanent four-wheeler driving licence from Regional Transport Office’s  (RTO) across the country  will soon have to test their driving skills on high tech virtual a driving simulator developed by Delhi based StreetSmart Info Solutions. “we have developed a customized vehicle mounted driving virtual simulator with built in driving test track to evaluate a driver's skills and reactions including  driver's psychomotor skills-that is, reaction time taken, speed and distance judgement, and  visual acuity. More importantly, the software also incorporates typical Indian road conditions like potholes and bad roads, vehicles on the wrong side of the road, varying traffic density or a dog suddenly wandering on to the driver's path.” Said Mr Prashant Kapila, Director , Streetsmart  info solutions, the developer company of the simulator . “The software of the simulator can be tweaked to convert it into any vehicle, from an Alto to an SUV It can be done through changing the parameters of the simulator like the acceleration and deceleration characteristics as well as the RPM. The vehicle, meanwhile, has all the usual fixtures like an accelerator, dipper light changers, horn, fuel indicator, brake pedal and clutch as well as gear shift, rear-view, side-view mirrors and other display like a regular car.” Said Mr Kapila “The three panels, which display the road conditions with background, cover 270  degrees of vision, much like a car's windscreen and helps in achieving high level of realism and closely replicates driving experiences in various conditions /hilly terrain and various weather conditions.” He added. “The simulator may prove a catalyst for road safety in India as  An automated driving test on simulator will be made mandatory soon and some states like Gujarat and Punjab have already done it  to secure a permanent driving licence for a four-wheeler . Streetsmart Simulator is best suited to Regional Transport Offices (RTO’s ) , driving schools and cab fleet owners .” said Mr. Kapila “RTO’s which have constraint of driving test strip space can use this , currently Streetsmart has been installed in various RTO’s in Maharashtra and Uttar Pardesh. Many more states have evinced interest in the simulator . The company experts will also impart training to RTO staff to train them to operate the simulator. “ he added. “Many countries, including Japan, are already using such simulators to evaluate driving skills and award driver's license accordingly. Currently such simulators are being imported , but this make in India simulator has been developed to suit to Indian rugged driving conditions “ Mr Kapila said.



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