Friday, July 3rd, 2020

HIFA to organize four day cultural Bonanza for the first time in Chandigarh

hifaKulbir Kalsi, INVC, Chandigarh,

  • To give lifetime achievement awards to international acclaimed artists
  • More than 100 artists from Haryana  to hold four day group exhibition in Chandigarh from 18 July 2013

With an objective to foster culture contacts within the region and to accord recognition to artists, Haryana Institute of Fine Arts (HIFA), a leading cultural organisation of North India, under the aegis of Ministry of Culture and State government is organising a four day cultural bonanza at Punjab Kala Bhawan, Sector 16, and Chandigarh from 18 July to 21 July 2013. The cultural Bonanza includes a four day art exhibition by more than 100  artists of Haryana  in the supremacy of Padambhushan Sh Krishnen Khanna, and  daily cultural programmes by internationally acclaimed artists like , Padambhushan Sh Gopal Das Neeraj, Nooran Sisiter (Coke Studio) , Ustad Gaji Khan Manganiyar and Sudhir Pandey Providing much clarity, Dr Piush Kumar, Secretary, HIFA stated, “Art is scaling new heights every day in Haryana and this is happening with the sincere and serene efforts but with less support in the absence of Lalit Kala Akademi and other such academies in Haryana. Rather, the state is considerably known as ‘waste land of Art and Culture’ in the absence of art promoting activities. Keeping present scenario in mind, HIFA has decided to include such cultural activities as part of their charter, and this first cultural bonanza will be a milestone for promoting artists of Haryana and to foster cultural contacts the art exhibition includes Paintings, Graphic Prints, Photographs and Sculpture produced recently which is a good blend of hues and material. New experiments in art works will be witnessed at the exhibition  informed Dr Piyush . Also we have bought 6 major publishers for the book exhibition which will be a part of this cultural bonanza.  Strongly mooting for a Lalit Kala Akademi in Haryana, Diwan Manna, Chairman, Lalit KalaAkademi rued, “Lets for a change not talk about the art and culture today, but the anguish of ours, the phony attitude, a disinterest and non involvement in the preservation and growth of rich Haryanvi culture. Not only the art is lonelier today but politics is creating an eternal prison with all the creativity made to look redundant. Its rather has become a fearful scenario where the leaders are asking not to think for they will do it on our behalf “.Salute to the artist who are on journey to create new dimensions in the field of fine arts without any support other than HIFA in Haryana.  By inviting legends like Padambhushan Sh Krishnen Khanna , Sh Gopal Das Neeraj to our city, and coke studio fame Nooran Sisiter  you bet it is not be a missed event, stated Manna. Noted for a passionate personal style, Nirupama Dutt , a seasoned writer , established her presence in her own way with her opening lines  “Koi saath de na de mera, chlna mujey aata hai”. Giving her best wishes for the grand event, she stated, “creativity has no hurdles” .With a ray of hope that their cumulative journey will make its place in the area of Art in Haryana which is almost nil at present the participating artists not only through this journey will show the path to the others who has a smoke but could not covert it in to fire but also to them who has fire which is still existing in the shape of smoke. While passion for art is what keeps an artist going, recognition, support undoubtly gives them impetus and promoting young artists with awarding the cash money HIFA indeed is sincerely working on their practical needs , stated Nirupama.  Looking forward to meet Gopal Das Neeraj, she says , “ What more city can ask than an evening with the legend”.



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