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Recently, the star-cast of Hide & Seek precisely Purab Kohli and Amruta Patki were spotted in Delhi’s finest Ice lounge “Freeze” during the promotional tour in the capital. This “Hide & Seek” bash was celebrated in “Freeze” located in West Delhi in West Mall. “Freeze” is one of a kind and a striking Ice lounge cum Restaurant which maintains a temperature of – 10 degree in this hot summer of Delhi.

The freezing temperature gave a chill to the spine to both actors Purab and Amruta who kept going out of the lounge every 10 mins despite the furry coats, boots and gloves given to them. The icy temperature gave a biting cold to Purab Kohli who said, “Oh my god, the concept of the lounge is amazing and I had never been to such a lounge before. The whole experience is exhilarating and I think this is a great place to shoot films.”

A frozen Amruta Patki also added, “I didn’t expect that my experience in the lounge would turn up like this. Even though they provided all the wintery clothes, it’s freezing inside. I’m so thrilled to experience this for the first time too. It’s a wonder that they maintain such low temperatures in a place like Delhi.”

When asked both the hot actors about “Hide & Seek”, they said, “Now it’s the time for verdict. We don’t know what to say except the fact that we’ve given our best to make this film as spine chilling as this Ice bar. “Hide & Seek” is set to release on 12th March.

Popular Pop Singer Dilbag Singh also graced this party and was seen hanging around with Lavpreet Singh, designer of “Freeze”. Lavpreet Singh revealed that during the making of “Freeze”, he and his wife had to sit for 2 hours in a stretch to check temperature which were as low as – 4 to -5 degrees.

Saurav Kataria and Mohit Jain are the proud owners of “Freeze”. Mohit Jain confessed that, “It took us a year to make this lounge which was easy but to maintain this place is tough. However we are getting excellent response from people and we are soon planning to open another lounge in another part of Delhi.



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