Itarsi – : A potential major rail accident was successfully prevented on Wednesday morning on the Jabalpur-Itarsi up track near Itarsi due to the scorching heat. The intense heat caused the rail tracks between Gurra and Itarsi to expand and become misaligned. The vigilant patrolling staff quickly responded by halting the approaching goods train and putting up warning signs. The engineering department is currently working on repairing the damaged tracks.

The incident caused a disruption in the traffic along this route, affecting the movement of several trains. Fortunately, the tracks were noticed in time, averting any potential accidents. All trains following the affected area were halted at nearby stations. The repair team from Jabalpur division is actively engaged in rectifying the track issue.

As a result, many trains have been temporarily stationed at Pipariya, Sohagpur, and other stations. The impacted trains include the 2235 Bhagalpur Express at Gurra, the 01118 Special train at Sontalai, the 12296 Sanghamitra Express at Bagratwa, and the 12166 Ratnagiri Express at Bankhedi station, among others. Normalization of traffic is expected once the damaged section of the track is removed and replaced with a new one.


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