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Thursday, September 24th, 2020

Heartwork shows tattooing has grown from a ritual into a real art form

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The renowned author Michael Biondi once wrote that “Our bodies were printed as blank pages to be filled with the ink of our hearts”. Renowned actor and producer Johnny Depp says his body is his journal and others have said the tattoo reflects the personality of the person, displaying his or her experiences. Recognizing that Tattoo is not merely a fashionable whim but an expression of the self, a statement in the form of art. Delhi will witness the first ever Heartwork Tattoo Festival from 4 to 6 December at the Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium with the participation of over sixty of the best known artists of tattoo art from India and overseas. The festival will not just be a gathering of tattoo artists, but there will be a seminar where some of the most eminent tattoo artists from all over the world.There will be live workshops by two legends of the International tattoo industry – Paul Booth and Anil Gupta, Andy Shou. They will take upcoming artists through live demonstrations on various art practices and design methods. Also there will be interactive sessions like discussion on Digital Vector Artwork by Reuben from Visual Amnesia, a portrait sketching class by Mahesh Chavan, and Lokesh and Sameer giving tips on becoming a Great Artist The Heartwork Tattoo Festival is being organized by the Czars of the Indian Tattoo Industry who formed a group called Creative Skin Graphic Pvt Ltd. to revolutionize tattoo art all over India as they realized that getting inked was more than just a ritual. It was Heartwork. The festival will also have a Live Tattoo Design Competitions with multiple categories to compete in. Artists compete with Live Tattooing on the spot across three days of the Heartwork Tattoo Festival. The festival will also have live Music performances by bands like Parikrama, Fuzz Culture, Undying Inc & After parties with live Metal bands being the highlight, from 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm. There will be more then 60 Live Tattooing Booths and sufficient space for Brand Integration and Promotional Activities for Sponsors. Heartwork Tattoo Festival will help show the humongous movement where artists and enthusiasts are congregating at one place. This platform is poised to be a Capital of sorts for upcoming tattoo artists, to learn about international body art practices from international legends inking the skin canvas. Heartwork Tattoo Festival is the brainchild of four pillars of the Indian tattoo industry: Lokesh Verma of Devil'z Tattooz, Delhi; Sameer Patange of Kraayonz Tattoo Studios, Mumbai; the biggest distributor of tattoo equipment in India Anu Singh of Tattoo Empire; and Arvind Garg of Tattoo Gizmo. In fact the tattoo art industry is poised at a growth of 100 to 150 per cent annually, and the number of professional tattoo artistes has grown from 14,000 in 2012 to an estimated 28,000 in 2014. The industry was making $ 1.2 billion annually in 2012 and the revene has now gone up three times. Delhi itself has 100 professional tattoo studios and 300 home based artists Around 3000 people participated in Mumbai Tattoo Convention two years earlier. La  Ink and Miami Ink speeded the awareness and passion for tattoo in India. Tattoo Republic was a a successful international tattoo convention collaborated with NH7 2011 and Harley Davidson sponsored the Kolkata Tattoo convention. And though this may not seem true, but tattoos find a deep-rooted history in India: from the detached corners of Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland in the North East to the barren deserts of Gujarat on the Pakistan border in the west. Piercings and body art like Mehndi are India’s oldest traditions. Urban India comes with its own potpourri of associations with tattoo art, with patrons ranging from newbies to old-timers, the globally conscious youngsters to the corporate India waiting to leap onto the seemingly Western bandwagon, to those making questionable decisions while under the influence; all of them unite under the hypnotic spell cast by the sweet whirr of the machine. Tattoo art is an old art, with spiritual connotations in some tribal cultures of the belief to follow the bearer into the afterlife. Slowly but surely, tattoos are beginning to carve for themselves their own niche in the cultural fabric of society as an art form. And with Heartwork Tattoo Festival India is ready to create an international platform for the Tattoo culture.



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