Heart Care Foundation of India warns India for new challenges in the year 2010



The world is going to face new challenges specially India, said Dr. K K Aggarwal, President, Heart Care Foundation of India and E medinews.

1. Pot Belly Obesity: Urban India, including Delhi, is now facing a new epidemic of obesity and normal weight obesity. This problem is going to be of main concern in the coming years.  So called Pot Belly Obesity, it is characterized by selective increase in abdominal girth which makes  people prone for liver damage, heart blockages, diabetes and future paralysis. The culprit is eating refined carbohydrates including white rice, white maida, white sugar and not exercising. The disease is not only affecting the adults, but is growing like a wild fire in adolescents and young college students.

2. Multiple drug resistant diseases: It is going to be a big challenge in the coming years. The diseases involved are Typhoid, Tuberculosis, Malaria and AIDS. The treatment of non MR TB varies between Rs.1,000 to 2,000 but that of multiple drug resistant TB is in lakhs. The same is true for HIV / AIDS. A simple treatment of Malaria today costs less than Rs.100 but that of drug resistant Malaria may cost Rs.1, 000. It is high time steps are taken to stop drug resistance or the country will have to pay the price for the same. The current patent laws prohibit the Indian Pharma companies from making cheaper drugs.


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