Railway Fares Soar: Rahul Gandhi’s Critique Sparks Public Discourse

Rahul Gandhi
Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi : The Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has launched a relentless attack on the Modi government, highlighting critical issues such as unemployment and rising prices. Taking to the social media platform Twitter, Gandhi expressed his concerns about the increasing costs of railway fares and cooking gas. His pointed remarks questioned the rationale behind these hikes, particularly in the context of the Ujjwala scheme advertisements prominently featuring Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Railway Fares: A Burden on Every Class

Gandhi’s primary grievance lies in the recent surge in railway fares across all classes. According to his tweets, the Indian Railways has not only hiked general fares but has also eliminated discounts for senior citizens, further burdening the elderly. The platform ticket prices have seen an increase, adding to the frustration of the common man.

Ujjwala Scheme Advertisements: A Stark Reality Check

The Congress leader did not mince words in his critique of the government’s advertising strategy. In a stark juxtaposition, he shared an image from a railway station where numerous passengers lay on the ground, juxtaposed with an advertisement for the Ujjwala scheme, portraying a smiling Prime Minister Modi.

Questioning the Government’s Priorities

In one of his pointed questions to the central government, Gandhi asked whether the hard-earned money of the public was meant to create a “selfie stand” for the Prime Minister. He emphasized the need for the government to address the fundamental needs of the people, such as affordable cooking gas and accessible rail travel.

The Cry for Affordable Gas and Convenient Rail Travel

Gandhi’s social media posts raise essential questions about the government’s priorities. Does the public desire a photo opportunity with the “Shahenshah” or affordable gas cylinders and seamless rail journeys? The juxtaposition of a struggling crowd at a railway station with an advertisement for the Ujjwala scheme underscores the growing disparity between government campaigns and the ground realities faced by the common man.

A Plea for Change

As the political landscape intensifies in the run-up to the Lok Sabha elections, Rahul Gandhi’s critique of the Modi government resonates with the concerns of the common man. The need for affordable gas cylinders and reasonable railway fares is not merely a political talking point but a cry for change from the heart of the populace. It remains to be seen how these issues will shape the discourse and influence the choices of the voting public.


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