Head of Israeli army intelligence resigns – Many other top officers and leaders may also resign

Major General Aharon Haliva Resigns
Photo: Social Media

Tel Aviv : Considering Hamas’ attack on Israel as a failure, the head of the Israeli Army’s intelligence department, Major General Aharon Haliva, has resigned from his post. Major General Haliwa stepped down, taking responsibility for not being able to stop the Hamas attack. It is noteworthy that this is the first resignation at the top level after the Hamas attack in Israel and it is believed that many other top officials and leaders may also resign in the coming days.

Immediately after the Hamas attack, Haliwa took responsibility for failing to stop the attack. However, Haliwa did not resign at that time. Major General Haliva’s resignation has been accepted and the Chief of the Israeli Army thanked Major General Haliva for his services. Israel has been stuck in war since the attack by Hamas. Along with Hamas, Israel’s tension with the Lebanese organization Hezbollah is also increasing. Israel has also had tensions with Iran in the past.

Hamas attacked Israel on October 7 last year. 1200 people were killed in Israel in the Hamas attack and 250 people were taken hostage by Hamas terrorists. It was only after the Hamas attack that Israel attacked Gaza and now seven months have passed since the Gaza war.

Israel’s attacks have resulted in the death of more than 30 thousand people in Gaza and have created a serious humanitarian crisis. Leaving his post, Major General Aharon Haliva wrote in his resignation letter that ‘under my leadership the intelligence department did not live up to its responsibilities. The pain of that dark day is still with me and will always be with me now.


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