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Saturday, October 24th, 2020

Haryana Government will promote alternative medicine

INVC,, Haryana,, Haryana Government will promote alternative medicine and is contemplating to organize acupressure training camps in the state so that the people are  benefitted with this natural way of treatment known for quick results and having no side effects. This was announced by Additional Principal Secretary to Haryana Chief Minister and Director,Haryana Information,Public Relations and Cultural Affairs Department, Mr Shiv Raman Gaur after inaugurating the five day Acupressure Training Course by the renowned Acupressure Therapist Dr Rakesh Srivastava at Gandhi Samarak Bhawan,sector 16,Chandigarh today. Dr Srivastava is considered an expert in the field of  acupressure and has treated a number of patients including the former President Dr Shankar Dayal Sharma. It is the first such training camp in the tri-city of Chandigarh, Panchkula and Mohali. Speaking on the occasion, Mr Gaur said that Haryana government was contemplating on organizing such training camps in the state so that the people could be benefitted. He said that initially, such programmes would be organized in medical colleges in the State. Mr Gaur said that alternative medicine is effective and becoming popular among the masses. The Government of India is also popularizing the various systems of alternative medicine under AYUSH. He said that he had personally used the acupressure techniques and has found it quite effective. The acupressure helps the body to heal itself. Acupressure expert Dr Srivastava, having 26 years experience in Su jok, Twist Therapy and Naturopathy, said that the acupressure was becoming popular with the masses and has got encouraging response for the training camp as it is based on self help system and involves the natural healing system of our bodies. It is perhaps the most harmless system and involves no side effects and medicines, he added. He said that the acupressure is a natural way of treatment with quick results and without any side effects. He said that the acupressure is easy to learn and to practice and everybody can learn on how to do it. He said that in the five day course, he would teach how to heal the day-to-day problems by one self. Dr Shrivastava said that he had treated the then President Dr Shankar Dayal Sharma, when he suffered from movement problem due to spinal maladjustment in the lumber region arising out of vertebrae No 5 & 6 going upto leg and ankle in 1992. He recalled that he had treated the President for a week for 20 minutes daily and Dr Sharma had responded well to the treatment.



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