While further strengthening diplomatic connections and bilateral relations, Ambassadors, Senior Embassy Officials from 12 African Nations, Ministers and Bureaucrats from Haryana came together at Chandigarh for a two-day long ‘Haryana-Africa Conclave, Series-1’ , focused to boost bilateral trade and connectivity between the two regions.

        The morning session of second day of the Haryana-Africa Conclave started with the lighting of lamp by Haryana Governor, Sh. Bandaru Dattaraya along with Minister of State for External Affairs, Sh. V. Muraleedharan and Haryana Deputy Chief Minister, Sh. Dushyant Chautala. The welcome address was delivered by the Principal Secretary of Foreign Cooperation Department, Sh. Yogender Chaudhary. Director, Foreign Cooperation Department, Dr. Anant Prakash Pandey, Vice-Chancellors of various Universities, senior officers and officials of Haryana Government were also present on the occasion.

        While addressing the valedictory session of the conclave the Haryana Chief Minister, Sh. Manohar Lal said that the Haryana Government will engage with African countries in various fields to develop frameworks of cooperation, maintain brotherhood, promote cultural exchange and people-to-people contact with the vision to increase bilateral relations.

        He said, I welcome you to land of Karma that is– Land of Haryana. I welcome you all to the land of PPP. This is not just PPP (Public Private Partnership- a business model) but this is a new definition of PPP given by Haryana by virtue of its quality that is a Land of Karma is a land of Possibilities, a Land of Potentialities and a Land of Prosperity.

        He said that today the world is at the crossroad of transformation. New Technology and digital interfaces are creating a world which is  opening both new opportunities and challenges. New processes and new products are opening new ways of economic development.

He emphasized that people and human values are always at the center of development and progress. Therefore, we also need to give impactful thought by mutual engagements, which will have far-reaching effects on the people and economy of countries & states like  ours.

        He further said that a welcome result of these engagements will reflect on the globe. The World will be flatter. Those who can take advantage of this  will be able to make more progress. However, it is little early to say what effect of the growing inequalities and rapid changes will have on society and on human values.

         But there will be fundamental changes in industrial production, design, and manufacturing. Digital platforms, automation, and data-flows are reducing the importance of geographic distances. When digital platforms, e-commerce and marketplaces connect with such technologies, a new type of industry and business leaders will emerge in the developing society, he added.

He said that the way and the speed with which the technology moves, is becoming a landmark which was never before recorded in human history and it is clear that whatever happens will be deep and remarkable.

As such, I believe that our discussion in this “THE HARYANA AFRICA CONCLAVE SERIES –1” will help all of us to create a new association “HARYANA AFRICA TIES” for socio economic development, he added.

While focusing on employment he said that an important question will be the types and opportunities of employment! As far as we can see, traditional manufacturing will continue to be a major source of employment for our youth. On the other hand, it will be very important for our human resources to bring changes in their lives by enhancing their skills.

Therefore, our approach and policies towards education and skill

development will have to change rapidly. School and university curricula have to be designed in such a way that they can prepare our youth for the future.

Shri Vishvakarma Skill University, Haryana & Haryana Skill Development Mission have been launched for this purpose. Their aim is to provide relevant technical and vocational skills to our youth, he added.

        He said we have to be very careful that the rapid changes coming in the field of technology can at least find a place in the educational courses at the same pace. In this Industrial Revolution, talent will be more important than capital. High-skill but temporary work will be the new face of employment. Therefore we need to focus and invest equally in the Development of Human Capital as in the Economic development. Proper utilization of new opportunities can on the one hand make the job seekers to become job creators, he added.

        He said that the Government’s emphasis is on ensuring that women, men, youth and all sections of the society have equal access to affordable and quality technical, vocational trainings, agricultural and higher education and all Government schemes.

        He said that State Government believes in ACT (Accountability Communication and Transparency) in the system which includes an Accountable Governance System by Providing a tool “ Right to Service” by “Auto Appeal Software”, through Consistent & Continuous Dialogues for Effective Communication  by setting a communication protocol (Brainstorming to Decision Making) and through a Transparent System by integrating digital systems in the existing systems.

Upliftment of Last person standing in the line

Sh. Manohar Lal said that the portability of social security benefits will ensure mobility of skilled & employable workers in the digital age. We had created PPP (Parivaar Pehchan Patra–Family Id for all Haryana Citizen) to ensure the benefits of the schemes for the society. Technological innovations and digital interventions can help for better service delivery, increasing productivity levels and better management of relevant issues, he added. He said that the experience in Haryana has been very positive in this regard.

Compliance of various laws, social security, health insurance and direct payment of many government schemes to the beneficiaries are examples of better delivery by technology, he added.

        Addressing a more global concern the Chief Minister said that globalization and migration from such disruption will have to be better managed through multilateral coordination and collaboration. He said that Haryana is ready to work closely with all on the theme of multi-dimensional development of the people and the state together. In this regard, we should share best practices and policies together.

        Sh. Manohar Lal said that every single day Haryana is growing, flourishing and achieving new milestones. Our clear vision to serve the society, our political will, our good governance, empathy for last person in the line, empowerment and partnerships with stakeholders of the socio economic development, will be the keywords to drive future success, he added.

        As we know, there are basically 4 ways of commuting i.e. Highways, Railways, Airways and Waterways. He added that ways of commute and bringing the lands closer is EWays / I-Ways (Electronic /Information technology ways). Today we all together are adding new ideas of fast growth through THE HARYANA AFRICA CONCLAVE SERIES -1.

        Assuring the visiting countries of Haryana’s support, the Chief Minister said that Africa will be at the top of our priorities. Haryana will continue to intensify and deepen it’s engagement with Africa which will be sustained and regular.

He said that development partnership will be guided by their priorities. We will build as much local capacity and create as many local opportunities as possible. It will be on terms that will be comfortable for you, that will liberate your potential and not constrain your future.

He said that we will keep our markets open and make it easier and more attractive to trade with Haryana. We already have a significant trade and businesses with Africa and will support our industry to work in Africa, he added.

He assured that Haryana’s experience with the digital revolution will be harnessed to support Africa’s development; improve delivery of public services; extend education and health; spread digital literacy; expand financial inclusion; and mainstream the marginalized.

        The Chief Minister said that Africa has approximately 60% of the world’s arable land, but produces just around 10% of the global output. Similarly we at Haryana constitutes 1.5% of India’s area, yet contributes 15% of its agricultural produce. We will work with you to improve Africa’s agriculture through long term engagements in sharing and implementing the best practices in the sector.

        He said that our continued and unconditional partnership will address the challenges of climate change.

        We will work with you all. Haryana Africa is not apart. Our History of struggle , Our basis of Culture, Our Life style , Our Family System, Our Needs, Our Capacity, Our Vision to See the Globe, Our Intent and Nature to serve the society are similar and thus we should integrate as partners for sustainable socio economic development, he added.

        He stressed that the world needs cooperation and not competition. We are always there for mutual cooperation and coordination. He said that we all must work together to ensure that Africa becomes a nursery for the aspirations of Africa’s youth and our Haryanvi Diaspora there, he added.

He said that Haryana is the land of the Holy Gita. Haryana is the land of Karma. My idea is to consider the human element along with the business or economic aspects and hence out of various models of businesses like B2B ; G2G, B2G etc , we believe in H2H model of working. H2H – Heart to Heart approach. I welcome you all to utilize this opportunity, he added.

Sh. Manohar Lal said that he strongly believes that THE HARYANA AFRICA CONCLAVE SERIES -1 will strenghten HARYANA AFRICA TIES which will set new definition of collaborations and mutual growth. I would like to suggest that our team AFH (Africa Haryana Team) should consider this subject in comprehensive  manner. Let’s join hands and change the global perceptions, he added.

        In the end he thanked the Excellences of African Countries, representatives of the industry, High Commissions and Ambassadors of India In Africa. Students from African Countries who joined virtually, Ministry of External Affairs GoI, Team Haryana and the media for being a part of the conclave and making it a success.

Earlier, Sh. Rajasekhar, OSD (States), Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India and Ambassadors and Senior Embassy Officials from Eritrea, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, Democratic Republic of Mozambique, Senegal and Zimbabwe also gave presentations.

        On this occasion, the Chief Minister and representatives of 12 African countries released a book titled Haryana-Africa Relations Towards Progressive Future, prepared by the Department of Foreign Cooperation.  Sh. Manohar Lal presented mementos to the representatives of African countries.

        On this occasion, Chief Principal Secretary to Chief Minister, Sh. DS Dhesi, Principal Secretary to Chief Minister, Sh. V. Umashankar, Principal Secretary, Foreign Cooperation Department Sh. Yogendra Chaudhary and Director General, Dr. Anant Prakash Pandey, Advisor Sh. Varun Chaudhary and other officers of Haryana Government were present on the occasion.


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