Sunday, July 12th, 2020

Harish Rawat write latter to Arun Jaitely - ask additional amount of Rs 4 thousand crore

downloadINVC NEWS Delhi, The Chief Minister Harish Rawat in a letter written to the Union Minister of Finance Arun Jaitely, has requested him to release an additional amount of Rs 4 thousand crore for the reconstruction and redevlopment of disaster affected areas of Uttarakhand. The government has been trying to rehabilitate and redevelop the state ever since the disaster in 2013. Along with this he has asked him to release the approved Rs 350 crore SPA and untied fund of Rs 100 crore. He has also appealed to increase the duration for relaxation of taxes in several departments upto three years, relaxation of interest on loans for two financial years i.e. 2013-14 and 2014-15 for those who suffered losses in  business, hotels, tourism, damage to agricultural land and crops as  well as approval of Rs one thousand crore for preparations of Ardh Kumbh. The CM in his letter to the Finance Minister said that the redevelopment and reconstruction work is in progress in the state with the help of the union government. The government has identified projects under SPA and prepared detailed project reports. The Indian government’s cabinet committee had given an approval for an untied fund Rs 100 crore for special assistance. A project report related to this has been presented to the Indian government. Thus he has requested for immediate release of SPA of Rs 350 crore and untied fund of Rs 100 crore. The CM Harish Rawat in his letter has stated that the government is making efforts to provide employment opportunities for the people of the disaster affected regions. This will require support from the central government. The people of region have developed confidence after success of Chaar Dhaam yatra in this season. But, the re establishment of employment in disaster affected regions will take upto four to five years. Thus request has been made to exempt them from paying interest for two years and it is hoped that they will be in a position to pay principal amount after these two financial years. He in his letter mention about the Ardh kumbha to be held in 2016 stated that over 5 crore devotees are expected to participate. The fair venue is spread over a large area which covers Hardwar, Dehradun, Tehri and Pauri district.  Due to the disaster in 2013, most of the infrastructure for the fair was destroyed. Thus these facilities will have to be redeveloped for which a fund of Rs 1000 crore will have to be released.



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