Majestic Hanuman Garhi Temple in Ayodhya: A Spiritual Odyssey


Ayodhya: Embark on a spiritual odyssey at Hanumangarhi Temple in Ayodhya, where 300-year-old traditions meet divine blessings. Explore the sacred grounds overlooking the Sarayu River, a testament to faith and devotion

Discovering Hanumangarhi Temple: A Spiritual Pilgrimage in Ayodhya

In the city of Ayodhya, rich with temples and divine sculptures numbering close to 8000, each sacred place bears its unique traditions and beliefs. Among these, the ancient Hanumangarhi Temple stands as a testament to spirituality and devotion, drawing pilgrims seeking solace and blessings.

A Pilgrim’s Journey

Established nearly 300 years ago under the guidance of Swami Abhayram Ji, the Hanumangarhi Temple rests along the banks of the Sarayu River. Ascending the temple demands climbing 76 stairs, a symbolic ascension for devotees on their path to seek blessings. It is believed that the worship of Lord Ram remains incomplete without paying homage to Bajrangbali, Lord Hanuman, here.

According to the Hanuman Chalisa, penned by Goswami Tulsidas, seeking Lord Ram’s blessings necessitates first receiving a directive from Hanuman Ji himself. In the present era, Hanuman Ji is revered as a deity whose worship is believed to alleviate various life obstacles, as expressed by the scripture “Ram Dware Tum Rakhvare, Hot Na Aajnya Bin Paisare.”

Legacy and Beliefs

The Hanumangarhi Temple in Ayodhya, standing tall on an elevated hillock opposite the Sarayu River, has a legend attached to its inception. Stories abound of when Lord Ram, departing for his divine abode, entrusted Hanuman Ji with the responsibility of this sacred place.

Carrying this legacy forward, the temple’s creation is intertwined with miraculous events. Revered saint Karpatriri Ji Maharaj narrates that Hanuman Ji, in the form of Ayodhya’s king, was appointed by Lord Ram as the ruler of this sacred site.

A Tale of Creation

Legend has it that when Nawab Shuja-ud-daula’s son fell seriously ill, doctors failed to cure him. Upon sprinkling the sacred water from Hanuman Ji’s feet, as per the guidance of Abhayram Ji, the prince recovered miraculously. Viewing this as a divine


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