Hamas-Israel war intensifies again – 35 Palestinians killed


Israel has intensified airstrikes on a camp in Rafah after Hamas attacked the commercial center of Tel Aviv. At least 35 Palestinians have reportedly been killed in this attack. Now a debate has erupted between Hamas and Israel regarding the attacks.

Gaza officials say Israel attacked a center for displaced people, killing dozens. Whereas the Israeli army said that it had targeted only Hamas members.

Many countries of the world are surrounded by war. Where it has been more than two years since the Russia-Ukraine war. Here, Hamas and Israel have been fighting for the last seven months. More than 30 thousand people have died so far. Where all the countries were hoping for a ceasefire. At the same time, tension has increased once again.

The health ministry in the Hamas-run region says the attacks killed 35 people and injured dozens, mostly children and women. At the same time, the Israeli army said that it had attacked on the basis of accurate intelligence information. It also killed two senior Hamas officials responsible for attacks in the West Bank.

The state media run by Hamas in Gaza described the attack by Israel as genocide. Said that the attack targeted a center run by the United Nations agency for Palestinian refugees near Rafah.


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