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Friday, August 6th, 2021

Hair Myths One Should Never Believe In


We have believing in innumerable myths since our childhood. It is time for us that we break our bubble of myths and start believing in what is true. One should not always blindly follow what people say instead, start imbibing and researching the root causes.

Here are a few Myths about Hair which were discussed during a conversation with Dr. Arvind Poswal, Hair Expert and Founder at Dr. A’s Clinic, which facilitates Hair Transplantation and Consultation.

1.     Plucking one grey hair, shall lead to growing of two more- Plucking hair regularly can eventually lead to thinning of hair. Whereas, this has been seen as a myth. Plucking of is a bad habit and is thus associated with growing of grey hair.

2.     Cutting your regularly, makes them grow faster- This one of the biggest myth the all hair dressers strongly believe in. The fact is that new growth actually takes place from the hair follicles or the roots of the hair and not the hair ends. Thus, one should not believe this. Cutting of hair definitely sheds all the dead hair and gives them a bouncy and a new look.

3.     Shampoo increases falling of hair- Shampoo does not lead to falling of hair. Hair fall takes only when the hair are not strong enough. One must oil hair nicely and regularly for enriching and nourishing the hair. Stress also plays a major role in shedding of hair.

4.     Brushing your hair more, leads to healthier hair- Brushing hair too often can create friction in the scalp, which causes frizzy-ness and breakage. Brushing hair gently, starting from the bottom up till the roots is beneficial.

5.     Stress, is the only reason for greying of hair- Greying of hair takes place due to lack of presence of the pigment called Melanin. Melanin gives color to our hair. Lack of melanin is heredity and genetically. Thus, greying of hair is not only because of stress.

6.     Skipping conditioner for greasy hair-Greasing of hair is not caused by conditioners. It is naturally caused due to too much sebum being produced from the tissues of the scalp. For greasy hair, use a shampoo for greasy hair and conditioner only at the ends, works the best.

These myths have had an indelible imprint on our minds and it is high time that we must start giving up on them. Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water during the day. Eat healthy and start consuming ample amount of fresh fruits and vegetables. These will boost up your hair growth and nourish them like never before.

About Dr. Arvind Poswal:

Dr. Arvind Poswal is an inventor, artist, perfectionist and a teacher. He is the inventor of the stitch-less FUSE Technique that has enabled numerous advances in the field of Hair Transplant. He has firmly established a leading destination for restoration, Dr. A’s Clinic in Delhi, NCR and Mumbai. He has also won Best Hair Transplant Surgeon 2010 Award, Life Time Heath Achievement Award in 2012 along with innumerable laurels.



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