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Dr.-Satnam-Singh-ChhabraDr.-Satnam-Singh-Chhabra-invc-Dr.-Satnam-Singh-Chhabra-article,Dr Satnam Singh Chhabra (2)Recently I got the pt , young girl who joined the gym for fitness.  But landed up in disk prolapse while lifting weights in bending forward position.

Another pt , a regular gymer , when used heavy weights for squat , lost the balance fell down and got fracture spine.

Adapting the routine of work out has not just become a part of our modern lifestyle but also it is a very essential element in order to keep us fit and healthy. Few people opt to go in gymnasiums for a competitive environment to get irresistible looks, and, few just want to keep them healthy and opt to do it their own.

But, unfortunately majority of them land up in a spinal health disaster, due to lack of knowledge and guidance. Even some of the cases are of those who are already working out under untrained gym trainers. According to the recent research people under age group of 16- 30 are also getting prone to accidental spinal problems during wrong gymming or weight lifting. Usually back injuries occur in lumbar spine region, lifting weights or wrong bending. And the consequences can give chronic intense pain or a risk of damaged disc.

Therefore here are some tips which one ought to know before you hit the gym or any work out form.

Know your trainer – Don’t do any kind of work out without professional instructor. Do check with your trainer certificates if he is a licensed and qualified trainer or just a body builder.  And don’t forget to notify about your health checks too.

Set your limit – Setting up the limitation of work out is very important, don’t rush work for great results in less time, it can lead to wrong exercise or can give you extreme tiredness, which in result causes the mass loss or wear and tear of muscles and bones.

Give it a pause – Obviously you know to start with warm up and stretches but you also need to keep you hydrated and active by taking 1-2 minute break in intervals.  Try to drink Salted lime water meanwhile.

Moves to Avoid – If you are a victim of back pain then avoid to do weight assisted lunges, overhead lifting, low squats and dead lifts.

Building Foundation – If you are prone to back issues then it is advised to start with exercises to make your spine foundation healthy and stronger, Instead of hopping to body building.

Slow n Steady –Doing all the exercises in a same day is never going to work. Always follow the instructions and start with 4-5 exercises initially, if possible them limit it to alternative days.

Weigh your weights- Make sure that you choose the right weights else, you may land up in serious back injury. Don’t ever go against your sweet spot or in with competition with other people.

Feeling sore – Any kind of uneasiness should be brought into the notice of instructor or doctor. You may give yourself some days of recovery break.

Exercises should be modified according to the age and medical problem to avoid injuries. Exercises  which gives pain or discomfort should be avoided.


Dr.-Satnam-Singh-ChhabraDr.-Satnam-Singh-Chhabra-invc-Dr.-Satnam-Singh-Chhabra-article,Dr Satnam Singh ChhabraAbout the Author

Dr Satnam Singh Chabbra

Neurosurgeon /  Senior Consultant

Dr Satnam Singh Chabbra is a Senior Consultant and the Vice Chairman of the Department of Neurosurgery at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi. He has been associated with this hospital since 1992. Dr. Chhabra has performed the largest number of Endoscopic Disc Surgeries in India and has designed a special instrument for Endoscopic Disc Surgery. This has been submitted for patent.

Dr. Satnam Singh Chhabra is reputed for Endoscopic Disc Surgery which is a technique to treat a common problem of Disc Prolapse or Sciatica.Patients are operated through a small minimally invasive surgery with a small cut in the back with no stitches given and the patients are allowed to walk in a few hours after the surgery and even discharged from the hospital within 24 Hrs. The patients owund is small enough to be covered by an band-aid and this is why the surgery is commonly named a “Band Aid Surgery”. Patients from India and Overseas have benefitted from this surgery.
Dr. Chhabra is a member of Neurological Society of India, Delhi Neurological Association and Spinal Cord Society of India. DR. Chhabra has been a faculty at various conferences in India and abroad.

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