Saturday, February 29th, 2020

Gurugram School kicks off 6th National Convention on Students Quality Circle 2018

INVC NEWS Gurugram,

Suncity School in association with Quality Circle Forum of India (QCFI) - Delhi chapter has kick started the 6th National Convention on Students Quality Control Circles (NCSQCC) today at its premises. The theme for this year’s convention is “Quantum Quality.” The Chief Guest for the inauguration day was Mr. Rahul Bose, the famous Actor, Director and Screenwriter, Dr. Jagdish Gandhi- Chairman, World Council for Total Quality and Excellence in Education and Mr. Madhukar Narain-Chairman, Mauritius Students Quality Control Circles.

Over 400 students from 27 renowned schools from across the country such as City Montessori School- Lucknow, Strawberry Fields- Chandigarh, Marias School- Guwahati, etc are participating in this event. This two day annual convention is an amalgamation of eight events namely ‘Case Study Presentation’, ‘Verbosity- Mingle with Jingle’, ‘Debate’, ‘Paper Presentation’, ‘Poster & Slogan’, ‘Origami installation’, ‘Quality Quiz’, and ‘Against all odds’.

Mr. Rahul Bose exhorted the students to have faith in themselves and to listen to their own gut feeling to overcome the obstacles. He shared three incidents (one from his acting career another about when he had started playing rugby) in his life where he faced rejection/ challenges and how these taught him valuable life lessons. He also spoke about how difficult times can teach you to rise above criticism and negativity.

The convention strongly underlines the need to empower the students so that they can find solutions to their problems develop analytical skills and foster teamwork in the same manner the industry does to problem solving using statistical quality control circles (QCC).

Speaking on the occasion, Mrs. Rupa Chakravarty, Principal, Suncity School said, “We are privileged to be hosting this National Convention of Students’ Quality Control Circles that provides a perfect platform for the like-minded education fraternity to improve quality in education. Suncity’s significant journey with SQCC started in 2010. SQCC helps in problem solving by collating and analysing data to help identify causes, understand process, generates ideas for KAIZEN- continuous improvement. This event will positively empower everyone by providing opportunities to learn from each other’s perspectives and experiences that will come to the forefront with an array of specially designed events based on multiple intelligences”

“Events like NCSQCC enhance our research skill. These days there are a lot of news on social media, which makes it difficult for us to differentiate between fake news and real news. In such situation research helps us in understanding the depth of any topic,” said Sivant Dosaj, Class 12, Suncity School.

The concept of Quality Circles initially originated in Japan. A quality circle is a participatory management technique that enlists the help of employees in solving problems related to their own jobs. Circles are formed of employees working together in an operation who meet at intervals to discuss problems of quality and to devise solutions for improvements. The concept has rapidly moved from manufacturing to services and now to educational institutions.

The essence of Quality Control Circle for students is to nurture them and build up the sense and importance of ‘Quality’ and of skillful execution in their life through Students Quality control Circles (SQCC).  It is a tool used in the industry over the world to solve problems using data. The idea is to ‘Catch them young’, in their impressionable age by using the format of Quality Circle under the win-win ambience.

The Students Quality Circles and various Conventions on quality held in India and abroad, serve as a wonderful platform to address the aforementioned objectives and provide ample opportunities to develop and harness their latent potentials.




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