Guru Rahu Yuti 22 April 2023: Guru Chandal Dosh 2023 is going to be careful

guru rahu conjunction 22 april 2023, guru chandal dosha,
guru rahu conjunction 22 april 2023, guru chandal dosha,

Guru Chandal Dosh 2023 : On Saturday, April 22, 2023, at 06:12 am, Mars will leave its normal sign Pisces and enter Aries, Rahu is already present in Aries, due to this entry of Jupiter in Aries, the effect of Jupiter and Rahu There should be a conjunction and this conjunction of Jupiter and Rahu will create Guru Chandal Dosha, as well as Saturn is already sitting in Aquarius, Saturn will cast its third aspect on Jupiter and Rahu from Aquarius, that’s why time can be very painful for people of some zodiac signs. Are.

May be troublesome for these zodiac signs

Due to Guru Chandal Dosha and Shani Kumbh Rashi, Jupiter and Rahu are in third sight, Aquarius, Scorpio and Pisces natives may have a difficult time.

Effect of Guru Chandal Dosh on Aquarius

This time is very important for Aquarius people. During this, they may face difficulties related to money, business and health. You need to be more patient and careful at this time. You will have to work patiently to strengthen the foundation of your  establishment. You will need to exercise restraint even in married life. You need to find the right ways to understand and promote your business plans.

Effect of Guru Chandal Dosh on Scorpio

The people of Scorpio zodiac should also be very careful at this time. Due to this yoga, you can face financial difficulties. That’s why there will be a need to reduce your expenses and investment decisions will have to be taken carefully. Due to this yoga, there may be some difficulties in your family life as well. You have to understand that to keep your family relations strong, you have to change your habits.

Pisces and Guru Chandal Dosh

This time can be a bit difficult for the people of Pisces. At this time you will need to be alert. You have to do your work carefully and also take care of your health.

At this time there can be some instability in your relationships as well. You will not have the support of your loved ones and friends due to which your mind may remain depressed.

At this time your financial condition can also be a bit difficult. You will need to keep a watch on your spending habits and take appropriate steps to manage your budget.

At this time you may have some delay in your work. There may not be progress in your work at the right time.

At this time some situations may arise in your life which make you feel unstable. At this time you have to pay special attention to stay healthy.

At this time you may also have some doubts in your personal life.

What to do

Recite Vishnu Sahasranama, donate satnaja to birds, serve Guru, stay away from drugs etc., donate to Rahu.

The main purpose of this article is information only, please take advice from a professional astrologer.


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