Guri and Ronak Joshi’s on-screen love story has created a buzz in the town


*Witness the Pure and Warm Hearted love story of Guri and Ronak in their upcoming film, ‘LOVER’; Releasing on 1st July 2022*


Guri and Ronak Joshi’s on-screen love story has created a buzz in the town with their upcoming film, Lover. Even before the release of the film, it has spread its fragrance of love all over its fans. The love this time is going to be a little different, brimming with passion, intense, and eternal love. The film Lover is a Geet MP3 presentation, produced by KV Dhillon and Parvar Nishan Singh, that has been beautifully co-directed by Dilsher Singh and Khushpal Singh.

Watch the teaser of LOVER

The lead characters and the heart of the film, Lalli, and Heer as played by Guri and Ronak are slaying the most significant vibe of how a love story could also be. As seen in the poster and the teaser, Guri has left the audience stunned with his ‘mad in love’ boy look, a lover who has been fully consumed in love.

Moreover, the chemistry between the two has already left the audience in awe of both of them. The story not only revolves around their love story but also digs out the purity and beyond the holiness of their hearts.

With a talented pack of the adept star cast, Yashpal Sharma, Avtar Gill, Rupinder Rupi, Karan Sandhawalia, Raj Dhaliwal, Rahul Jaittly, Harsimran Oberoi, Harmandeep, Avar Brar, and Chandan Gill; the film features the most suitable Jodi Guri and Ronak Joshi that will fill your hearts with the ultimate essence of love.

Talking about the characters, director Dilsher Singh and Khushpal Singh say, “the depth of the feelings in the characters is the root of the story that makes this story so special, and to bring this up with such perfection was our moto. But the greater part was played by the actors that felt the pain and nerve of these characters and played them so well. We are certain that the audience will feel connected to the film.”

Celebrating the appreciation given to his character Lover, Guri says, “Foremost I am thankful to the makers of the film for believing in me and choosing me to play the character of Lalli, and secondly, the audience who has given me so much love to my this new look. As they have always appreciated my songs and previous films, I hope that they will also relish this film also.”

Ronak Joshi, the lead actress in the film also shares her gratitude, “It’s my debut film and moreover with such renowned artists is like a dream come true. Everyone was humble with me, teaching me every minute detail time and again. I hope that the audience will love the film and will also give me their love.”

‘Lover’ to release on 1st July 2022



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