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Sunday, November 29th, 2020

Gurdeep KOHLI launches ”Nutrimalt” Specially formulated Health & nutritional drink for Children

 Big Value Wellness Pvt. Ltd.Klbir Kalsi,

INVC, Chandigarh,
Young children in the age group between 6 and 16 years, indulge in heavy outdoor activities, which demand high level of Energy & Nutrition, to sustain them for daily activities and wide performance this has induced the demand for nutritional health drinks in India. Big Value Wellness has joined hands with Zeon, the largest multi-client Nutraceutical product manufacturer in India. Zeon’s promise of good health is to deliver a good quality product to Big Value.NutriMalt is a nutritional drink enriched with 30 vital nutrients, which not only help in supporting normal growth, but also help in brain development of the child. Brahmi & Aswagandha play an active role in straightening the immune system, to keep them Healthy. Mr. Rakesh Bakshi, V.P. Sales & Marketing, Big Value Wellness Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Suresh Garg MD Zeon, Ms. Gurdeep Kohli, Brand Ambassador, NutriMalt, were present at the launch event. Mr. Rakesh Bakshi, V.P. Sales & Marketing, Big Value Wellness Pvt. Ltd. said, after a indepth research and development we are presenting “NutriMalt” a special product which will bring revolution in the field of Nutritional Drink market in India. We are launching this product nationally and Chandigarh is the city that we have chosen to be the first to launch this product as this city is systematic and the people here in the city are highly educated and quality conscious. Within a month we will have our presence in places like Amritsar, Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Patiala and Mohali with the network of 20 distributors and our products will be available at 800-1000 retail out-lets. In the second month we will be having our presence in PEPSU belt also, and will be covering whole Punjab with a network of 50 distributors and will be available at 1500-2000 retail out-lets. Mr. Suresh Garg MD Zeon, having more than 30 years of health drink manufacturing experience, speaking on the occasion said, “We always stand  by our slogan A PROMISE OF GOOD HEALTH. We are sharing hands with this promise to NUTRIMALT, to deliver a good quality product with a taste to match any child’s taste buds, and full of Health and Nutrition.



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