Thursday, April 2nd, 2020

Gujarat announces several incentives for building up to 22-storey high hotels and hospitals, in any zone on 30-metre wide road

INVC,, Gandhinagar,, The Gujarat Government today announced a slew of incentives to encourage building up to 22-storey high hotels and hospitals, in any zone on 30-metre wide roads, besides other provisions. Keeping in line with the State Government's keenness to provide modern facilities to industrialists and tourists from different parts of India and abroad, Urban Development Minister Nitin Patel announced the incentives for the hospitality industry and medical tourism. With growing market demand with corresponding expectation of the target groups, he said, there is need for building many more world-class hotels, discussed abroad. There is also need to provide latest medical facilities at optimum prices. A number of applications for hospitals are under consideration, he said. The salient features of new incentives common to both hotels and hospitals include: · At present maximum 40-metre high structures consisting of about 12 storeys are allowed. It is being raised to 70-metres consisting of about 22 storeys. · At present, hotels and hospitals are allowed only in commercial and residential zones. It is now extended to any zone, occupying more than 10,000 sq m, provided it is on minimum 30-metre wide road. · At present, a Floor Space Index (FSI) of maximum 1.8 is allowed. It will be entitled for higher FSI, as per the needs, subject to fulfilling other conditions. · At present, parking and allied facilities have to be provided under the FSI. It is being changed and compulsorily brought under GDCR. Incentives for hotels: · At present, entrance lobby and porch are not allowed in the margin. Now, they can be built in the margin. · At present, there is no provision for public safety. Now, refuse area and escape routes linked to other parts of the building have to be compulsorily provided as per the National Building Code. However, as an incentive, service floors, ramps, control room for safety, sewage treatment plant, air handling room and other facilities could be built beyond FSI. · At present there is no provision for atrium. It is being included to make hotels attractive within 40 per cent of the ground coverage area. · At present 30 per cent of the built-up area is to be earmarked for parking and traffic control. It is being increased to 50 per cent, with provision for more than single floor in the basement, with 10 per cent of the total parking area reserved for taxis. · At present it is not there, but now on facilities for swimming pools, laundry, housekeeping, store lockers, restrooms could be provided in any floor – as per the requirement of the starred hotels – subject to requirements of structural safety. · At present there is no provision, but now on 30 sq m of area has to be compulsorily provided, to preserve India's ancient culture and tradition. · With diversified use of water in the hotel industry, now on it will be compulsory to use water after desalination in future, for which the competent authority has to be paid five per cent as ‘jantri tax'. Incentives for hospitals: · Now on parking and allied facilities – such as ramp to basement parking, refuse area, atrium, fire escape, equipment and air handling room, etc – could be built beyond the FSI. · At present there is no provision for atrium. Now on up to 40 per cent of area has to be kept for parking, including allowing parking in more than one floor, with separate ramps for entrance and exit. · At present, there is no provision for public safety in hospitals. Now on refuse area under National Building Code has to be provided for fire, terrorist attacks and other eventualities, escape routes for emergency shifting of people, linking them to all parts of the building. · At present basement is allowed to restricted use. Now on air-conditioned plant room, boiler, housekeeping, morgue, waste water collection, central lobby, change room, library etc could be provided in the basement.



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