the recent storyline, viewers have seen that JK Mehra finally gets to know the truth about his sister, Kammo, and her attempts to get Geet and Malhar into trouble every time.

In today’s episode, JK will ask Kammo to leave his house and stop troubling his family. He admits that he now knows what all his sister has been up to disrupt Geet and Malhar’s life. But, shockingly Kammo resists the decision saying that she has equal rights on the property and she cannot be evicted from the home leaving the family in shock.

Will JK take the stand for Geet or Kammo? Will Kammo leave the house and what steps will JK take next if she doesn’t? Watch today’s exciting show of ‘Geet Dholi’ at 8.00 pm only on Zee Punjabi and know what is in store for the Mehra family next.


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