Thursday, February 27th, 2020

Govt remains ignorant towards the plight of Scheduled Castes

Pending cases, counts of injustice, blind eye towards crime, achievement of Congress Govt

Chairman of Punjab State Scheduled Castes Commission still not appointed

INVC NEWS Chandigarh,

Punjab is going through a phase of rampant crime, injustice being met out to people, poor being oppressed, scheduled castes being ostracized and the list keeps adding up day by day as the State government fails to do more good than bad following the same acts of the previous failure government of Akali Dal-BJP and it seems the Congress Govt is trying to do one better and trying to be even worse.” said Paramjit Singh Kainth, President, National Scheduled Castes Alliance.

Kainth said “the congress government in Punjab is a big disappointment for the people of the State. While the law & order in the State is far from being normal, the government is even failing to fill important offices for the smooth functioning of proceedings in the State. Hapless condition of the people who are being victims of various crimes and those who are being harassed and oppressed for their demand of justice, brings out a clear picture of what type of government is functioning in Punjab.”

The seats of Chairman and 3 members of the Punjab State Scheduled Castes Commission have been lying vacant and with no attention from the government on appointing any member or chairman soon. Formed under the Punjab State Commission for Scheduled Castes Act, 2004, the objective of constituting the Commission is to protect and safeguarding the interests of the members of the Scheduled Castes in the State of Punjab, to recommend the remedial measures for their welfare and development in the matters connected therewith or incidentally thereto. Commission consists of Chairman and three non-official Members, three ex-officio Members and one Member Secretary.

Kainth further added “Mr Rajesh Bagha who was the Chairman of the Commission since 2011, completed his term on 28th November this year. There are other 3 seats for members also vacant and if the government had been concerned with the recent events of oppression, crime and injustice met against the Scheduled Castes community, it would have filled up the seats or would have kept a person in line to be appointed without any delay.”

“The attitude of the Government has been pathetic and it is clearly evident that it is least concerned with helping out the Scheduled Castes community. Recent cases of rape, assault and even social boycott involving the BSF soldier in Gurdaspur, are some of the examples of cases which can be efficiently dealt with by the State Scheduled Castes Commission. Police and Civil Administration have become a mockery and mere puppets of the Political figures.” said Kainth.

People are being forced to reach compromises and fake cases are being registered against them, Local MLA’s giving political shelter to goons from being convicted. The Commission needs to have its setup complete for its smooth administration. Government needs to focus more on working for the upliftment and development of the Scheduled Castes community rather than helping to oppress them.

Kainth lamented on the pitiful condition of the 34 MLA’s and 5 MP’s who belong to the Scheduled Castes community and are acting as mere puppets of the State Government. He said “the MLA’s and MP’s have forgotten the people whom they pledged to protect and work for their development. They are silent on each and every issue relating to the community and as always deceiving the people.”

He also blamed the Opposition for not being efficient in its proceedings against the State Government and for being weak in its approach. The opposition needs to step up its efforts and rally against the ill practices of the government and its ignorant attitude towards the Scheduled Castes community.

The State Government is the official authority to appoint the members and the chairman of the State Commission for Scheduled Castes and it’s of high priority that the government takes matters seriously and appoint the respective individuals to the post.



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