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Thursday, September 16th, 2021

Govt. intense to eradicate broking system: Das

INVC NEWS Ranchi, Chief Minister Raghubar Das said that PDS will be free from brokers. The govt. is considering technology to eradicate broking system. Now funds are directly transferred into the beneficiaries’ account. Rs. 225 cr. has been saved from the brokers in the last one year. He said it after having inaugurated advance direct benefit transfer under National Food Security at Nagri block. He said that Rs. 1106 will be deposited at the rate of Rs. 31.60 a kilo. The beneficiaries will themselves buy food grains from the PDS outlet. The fund of first month is being transferred into the account of beneficiaries. He said that 11.64 lakh fake ration cards have been cancelled in the state saving 72,000 tons of food grain. 9.31 lakh new ration cards have been made and this work is in the progress. The CM asked the PDS shopkeepers to improve their system or the govt. will ask the people to buy food grains from anywhere. They can sell other things like any grocery store. The reeling–cum-twisting machine prepared by Central Tasar Research and Training Institution has been named after ex-PM Shri Atal Bihari Bajpayee as Atal Reeling–cum-Twisting Machine. Mr. Das said that women can earn up to Rs. 400 by weaving yarns on this machine. He also suggested to give the benefits of DBT in to women’s account and strengthen them.  Poverty will be removed by 2022.    He said that his govt. is pro-development and does not believe in petty politicking. PDS Minister Saryu Rai said that any complaint should be lodged with the SP of the district. A vigilance committee with 8-9 persons will be formed to monitor PDS outlets. Complaints can be registered on toll free number 1800-212-5512 also. MP R.T. Choudhary, MLA Navin Jaiswal, Addl CS Amit Khare, Chairperson of State Food Corporation Sudhir Prasad, PDS Sec Vinay Choubey and people in great number were present on this occasion.



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