Central Administrative TribunalINVC,

In a petition filed by me in Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT), Lucknow Bench challenging the prohibition of All India Services officers to criticize government policy, the Central government has said that such restriction is placed in interest of public order.

The counter reply filed through Navneet Mishra, Under Secretary, DOPT says that if government servants are permitted to make adverse criticism of any recent government policy or action, there will be no discipline in the ranks of the government servants. This indiscipline will lead to lack of efficiency in work, leading further to chaos in administration and ugly situations which in final analysis may lead to public disorder.

The counter reply also says that every person voluntarily joins these services and it is open for everyone, including Sri Thakur, at any time to exercise his fundamental right of expression by resigning from the service.

My petition had said that rule 7 of the All India Services Conduct Rules 1968 with blanket prohibition on any adverse criticism of any current government act or policy is against the right to freedom of expression under Article 19(2).


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