Thursday, April 9th, 2020

Govt. Ayurvedic Hospital Jammu organised seminar to mark World Arthritis day 2015

Government Ayurvedic Hospital, JammuINVC NEWS
Jammu , Government Ayurvedic Hospital Jammu organized a seminar to mark the occasion World Arthritis day -2015 today in the seminar hall of hospital. Dr. Varinder Mahajan noted Ayurvedic Physician recipient of President Award was the main speaker on the occasion. He presented how to manage arthritis and allied ailments in the present era. He stated that the number of medicines and methodologies are available in the texts of Ayurved. He further said that Ayurved is not only a system of treatment but it also preaches how to live healthy and disease free life. Dr. Mahajan shared his experiences about his novel innovation on salai guggul. He stated S Compound when compared with number of synthetic medicines it proved better. In the rheumatoid arthritis 70% to 80 % success rate is reported whereas in osteoarthritis it controls the further aggravation of the joints to some extent. Western doctors declared it Leukotriene inhibitor so they found it effective in colitis , bronchitis and number of inflammatory disorders. He stressed upon the Ayurvedic fraternity to explore the hidden treasure of traditional herbal wealth in the interest of ailing community of the world.
Dr. Ajay Tickoo M.D. Ay. Panchkarma specialist of the hospital while presenting said that rheumatoid musculo disorders (RMD)needs special attention. Dr. Taran Singh while speaking on the occasion stressed upon the Ayurvedic doctors to know about the strengths and the weaknesses of the systems and work on it. Ayurved have great opportunity for the researchers to explore the oceans of medical knowledge inherited in Ayurved. He said that 25% of European Union is suffering from Arthritis and 120 million people worldwide are suffering from this disease. In this regard Ayurved have great opportunity to serve the ailing people. He said that Arthritis is fully curable if treated in time. All the staff, interns were present on the occiaon including Dr.Aruna Bhatt, Dr. Deepa Kachroo, Dr.Bipin Gupta, Dr.Neetu Handoo, Dr. Ankita, Dr.Ifra Dilnwaz,Dr. Sonica Gupta and Dr. Himani Bhutyal.



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