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Friday, September 24th, 2021

Government is concerned about the health of the people

INVC NEWS Ranchi, Chief Minister Raghubar Das attended Janchaupal organized in Nutandih village of Nala panchayat, Jamtada. In his address, he said that with the power of people, government policy and development we have remove poverty from Jharkhand. Several schemes are being run to remove this poverty. By making a collective effort with your cooperation, we can eliminate middleman from Santhal Pargana and get full benefit of these schemes. The Chief Minister said that due to the unstable government for 14 years development did not take place in Jharkhand but after this stable government changes start to take place. Today, I am here to tell you the accomplishment of government in 4 years. The Chief Minister said that in 2014 the state's agriculture growth rate was -4.5 which now 14% is. State government knows the potential of farmers and it has sent 52 farmers to Israel to learn new agriculture technique. Soon 50 male and 50 female farmers will be sent to Israel and Philippines to learn advance farming. Considering the needs of small farmers, provision in the budget will be made, and such farmers will be provided farm equipment at the concession rate. We have done excellent in Fishery now it’s time for white revolution. The Chief Minister said that the state government is giving priority to old, widow and divyaag. For this, provision will be made in the budget of 2019-20. It will increase from 600 to 1000. A survey will be done to identify them and pension will be provided to them with transparency. The Chief Minister said that the government is concerned about the health of the people of the state. 57 lakh family of the state has been covered under Ayushman Bharat Scheme. Amount of 400 crore extra has been given. The people of the state can avail the benefits of this scheme through ration card and golden card. The Chief Minister said that he will go to United Arab Emirates on December 15. Visit will concern employment and skill graining of youths. There is demand of skilled youth in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The Chief Minister said that we have to save the culture of Sido, Kanho, Chand, Bhairav and Phulo Jhano for that government has introduced Conversion bill. Now forced conversion of religion will not be tolerated. The state government is working to give pension to Pragnait, Manjhi, Manaki Munda, who protect our culture. The Chief Minister said that in 2014 only 18% of the houses had toilets. 4 years later, it increased to 99%. This was possible with the help of Jal Sahia, Rani Mistry and Sakhi Mandal. The Chief Minister said that ‘Beti bachao, Beti padhao’ program is being run by the Central Government and ‘Pehle padhai, fir vidaai’ by state government. He said that the state government will start the Chief Minister Sukanya Yojna from January 1, 2019. Under this scheme, after the birth of the daughter, the government will directly send the incentive money to the account of beneficiary. Girls of class first, fifth, ninth, eleventh, will get incentive from government and if the unmarried for 18 years, the government will again give incentive. During this period, he has announced to give Rs. 25000 / - to inter Topper Priya. The Chief Minister said that by training the women of SHG, school uniform of children will be made. It will empower them financially. We have to stop child marriage. On this occasion, the Chief Minister has given Rs 3.75 lakh between 15 beneficiaries under the Chief Minister's Marriage Grants Scheme, pump set among 25 beneficiaries, golden cards among 5 beneficiaries under Ayushman Bharat, 3.75 lakh to 250 beneficiaries under JSLPS, 25 lakh to 50 beneficiaries under CIF, 227 lakh to 227 beneficiaries under CCL. Deputy Commissioner Jamtara Shri Aditya Kumar Anand gave the welcome address. On this occasion, DIG Santhal Paragana Shri Rajkumar Lakra, SP Shri Shailendra Kumar Sinha was present.



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