Post-Budget reaction By Rajeev Kapur, Managing Director, Steelbird Helmets.

New Delhi ,

The budget has been indeed surprising as it’s different from the predecessors. A lot of rebates and good news on tax front for middle class. Income tax rebate for individuals earning till 5 lakhs is going to prove beneficial to the middle class and something that they have surely wished for. It is infact beyond their expectation. Apart from this lot of other reforms have been proposed to support the Taxpayer like increase in standard deduction for salaried individuals, raising the TDS limits, Exemption from tax on Second Self occupied house etc

Then the government has also planned to give 12 crore farmers 6000 rupees. This is another silver lining in the budget and a big move which will uplift their current condition.

Even on the security front they have spent 3,00,000 crore which is again a gigantic and a much needed move.

So be it escalating living standards by their cleanliness drive, providing benefit to the common man, the farmers or strengthening security, all in all the government is surely far sighted. It is working at the root level for that.




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