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Thursday, November 26th, 2020

Government Committed to distribute foodgrains at CIP to the beneficiaries

INVC,, New Delhi,, Food subsidy is dependent on the actual offtake of foodgrains. Since Economic Cost of foodgrains is increasing every year on account of increase in Minimum Support Price (MSP) of foodgrains and Central Issue Price (CIP) remaining static over the last 7 years, the food subsidy has also increased substantially. The Government is committed to procure foodgrains at Minimum Support Price (MSP) and distribute the same at CIP, fixed by the Govt., to the beneficiaries under the various schemes. To reduce the transportation cost of foodgrains in the economic cost, the Government has introduced decentralized procurement Scheme so that foodgrains procured in a State are distributed in the same State. This would also avoid double handling and result in procurement of locally preferred varieties of wheat and rice. The FCI has been continuously pursued to reduce their administrative expenditure and also storage and transit losses. This information was given by the Minister of State for Agriculture, Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution Prof. K.V. Thomas



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Mary Bono Mack, says on July 5, 2010, 5:46 PM

Epic. It's such a shame more folks don't know about this site, this had everything I needed today XD