New Delhi : The latest update regarding Aadhaar card in India states that birth and death certificates can now be issued even without an Aadhaar number. Previously, an Aadhaar card was required for every citizen in India, including for the registration of birth and death certificates. However, the Central Government has provided relief by removing the requirement of Aadhaar for obtaining these certificates.

The Registrar General’s office has been instructed not to make Aadhaar registration mandatory for birth and death certificates. This means that individuals can now obtain these certificates without providing their Aadhaar number. The government has issued a notification regarding this change, and the Ministry of Electronics and IT has provided guidelines to the Registrar General’s office. As a result, the Aadhaar database can still be used during the registration of births and deaths, but its verification has been made voluntary.

Under the Birth and Death Registration Act of 1969, the government has issued these instructions. The notification allows the registrar to choose whether to verify the Aadhaar number on a voluntary basis by selecting either the option of “yes” or “no” in the reporting form for birth or death. It is important to note that the state governments and union territories will follow the rules set by the central government, and they will have the option to use Aadhaar verification for birth and death registrations.

This update provides a significant relief to the public as it removes the mandatory requirement of Aadhaar for obtaining birth and death certificates in India.


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