New Delhi, 
GOQii Technologies, a leading smart-tech-enabled preventive healthcare company that is focusing on Digital Therapeutics launches a 3600 integrated diabetes management solution for people with diabetes.

GOQii App has been technologically upgraded to bring together all the key stakeholders, including Pharma, Device, Diagnostics and Insurance, to provide a seamless experience for people with diabetes to manage their disease condition.

This cloud-based solution will be accessible to all diabetes patients across the length and breadth of the country. As a first step towards this upgrade, GOQii has entered into a partnership with Ascensia Diabetes Care, a member of the PHC Group. Ascensia is a global diabetes care company that is dedicated to improving the health and lives of people with diabetes through its CONTOUR range of Blood Glucose Monitoring devices. This is a first of its kind collaboration in the country where a Blood Glucose Monitoring device is integrated with a lifestyle and disease management App, a significant step towards providing comprehensive diabetes care.

Under this agreement, GOQii Technologies will offer its range of lifestyle and disease management services such as personalized and video coaching, digital health locker, and community support to users of the CONTOUR® PLUS ONE system.

“We at Ascensia Diabetes Care India are pleased to help people with diabetes through the extended community support offered by GOQii. We are sure that the combination of the world-class-technology of Ascensia and the effective community support system of GOQii will be a win-win for improving the quality of life of all people with diabetes,” Albertraj Balraj, Country Manager and Director, Ascensia Diabetes Care India Pvt Ltd.

India is the Diabetes Capital of the world with ~76.7 million PWDs (People with Diabetes), expected to reach by 134.3 million by 2045. The CONTOUR PLUS ONE glucometer allows patients to seamlessly manage their diabetes by regular monitoring of their blood glucose level. Through this partnership, the data will be automatically fed into the GOQii glucose section of the app and can be used to help people with diabetes have informed discussions with their doctors.

GOQii is committed to helping people with Chronic Diseases like Diabetes and helps them take ownership of their health. Monitoring blood glucose levels regularly helps people with Diabetes adapt their diet and exercise, monitor the effects of Diabetes medications and understand the impact of stress and illness on blood sugar levels. The blood glucose readings residing in the device is of limited use to the Healthcare Practitioner (HCP) & patients alike since they are not likely to be used to influence treatment decisions.

Currently, there are no means to extract the data residing in the glucometer. The partnership with the CONTOUR PLUS ONE dramatically changes this as the data will seamlessly flow into the GOQii app and be readily available for meaningful discussions with HCPs. In addition, the patients will be handheld on their journey with personalised advice on Nutrition, Physical Activity, Medication compliance by Nutritionists, Video coaching (GOQii play) & Community support (GOQii Arena).

“We are very excited about this partnership as it will help thousands of patients with Diabetes to improve their health outcomes. GOQii is a unified platform to provide a holistic approach to disease care. We already have several people with diabetes on our platform who have reversed their diabetes and pre-diabetic conditions purely with lifestyle modification,” said Vishal Gondal, Founder & CEO, GOQii.

GOQii’s comprehensive ecosystem assists people with Diabetes by providing personalized coaching & provision for logging their blood glucose and HbA1c levels. The coaches provide dietary and physical activity recommendations to the patients. Also, patients are rewarded for showing adherence to their healthy habits. This ecosystem is designed to help patients with diabetes to improve their quality of life and outcomes.

The blood glucose level data resides in the glucometer and not easy to access on-demand, for eg during in-clinic discussions. Regular testing and logging blood glucose levels increase the awareness and hence adherence to medications, lifestyle modifications which in turn helps people with diabetes reach their goals. Access to blood glucose level trends on the app along with steps, hydration and nutrition helps the patient have a meaningful conversation with the doctor during the visits. Doctors can identify the glucose level trends and use it to titrate medications for the individual patient. These help in building the doctor-patient relationship, an important consideration for chronic diseases like Diabetes.

Measuring your blood glucose level lets the patient adapt their diet and exercise to what is necessary, monitor the effects of diabetes medication on their blood sugar levels, and understand how factors such as stress or illness may affect blood sugar levels. Overall, this will allow the patient to track their improvement in controlling blood sugar levels and overall health goals.


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