Google will start Pixel smartphone production in India in the next quarter


Mumbai  : Another big news is coming in mobile manufacturing. Google is preparing to start production of Pixel phones in India soon. According to the report, Google will start producing Pixel smartphones in India in the next quarter. This move will help promote the company’s Make in India plans. In October last year, the company had also announced in ‘Google for India’ that they will start production of Pixel 8 series in India.

Google has promised that the first India-made Pixel phone will be available from 2024. The new development is in line with announcements made last year. A report suggests that Google is set to set up a factory for its top-tier Pixel 8 Pro smartphones in South India soon, with sources saying the plan is to start manufacturing the phones between April and June.

Following this, the company will also start manufacturing Pixel 8 models in North India later this year. The move aims to reduce dependence on China and tap into the huge and growing Indian smartphone market. In 2023, Google plans to ship about 10 million Pixel units and aims to match or exceed that number this year.

The strategic shift comes as Google seeks to increase supply chain flexibility amid ongoing technological tensions between the US and China. Google’s initiative also reflects a response to the Indian government’s aggressive efforts to become a tech manufacturing hub, offering incentives and considering stricter import restrictions to attract tech giants.

Citing sources, the report said Google is not the only tech company that has started exploring a ‘China + 2’ strategy. This means it is not enough to diversify away from China, but rather suppliers must have multiple non-China alternatives. Despite the global slowdown in the smartphone market, with a 4.7 percent decline in 2023, the Indian market showed growth, highlighting its potential as an attractive market for companies like Google.


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