Google announced on Wednesday that it will introduce two new artificial intelligence-based tools for advertisers. The feature will automatically identify the best ad placements for brands across Google’s various services. For this it will use AI algorithm.

Growing trend of AI

As we know, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has significantly impacted the tech industry in recent months. Even companies like Google are creating advanced chatbots that are capable of engaging in open conversations with users. The integration of AI in advertising is also on the rise, as it plays an important role in generating revenue for these companies.

Although Google previously introduced AI tools for advertisers, it is now leveraging this technology to help brands target their ads more precisely.

What is Demand Gen?

Google is introducing a new feature called Demand Gen, which will use artificial intelligence (AI) to strategically place photo and video ads for advertisers across a variety of products, including Gmail, YouTube feeds, and Shorts, which are part of TikTok’s Google Play Store. is a competing short-form video platform.

Vidya Srinivasan, Google’s VC and general manager of advertising, said this AI-driven capability eliminates the need for advertisers to manually determine ad placements. Instead, the technology aims to identify attractive locations for advertisements.

What is the other special AI feature

Google’s second new feature will target artificial intelligence (AI) to identify optimal ad placements, aiming to maximize viewership of a brand’s video ads, according to Google’s statement. Early tests of this tool have demonstrated that brands have seen an average of 40% increase in video views. ( PLC/GT )


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