Google Twitter Amazon Dell Microsoft: Thousands of jobs will go from many big companies

The phase of retrenchment has also started in Disney, which has made its name in the world of entertainment. The company has decided to lay off seven thousand of its employees. The company’s CEO Bob Iger gave this information. Bob has taken over as CEO only last year.

Bob said, ‘I don’t take this decision lightly. I have great respect and admiration for the talent and dedication of our employees around the world. Through this process, the company aims to save $5.5 billion. According to the company’s annual report, this time there has been a slow growth of customers. Disney Pulse subscriptions fell in the first quarter, causing the streaming media unit to lose more than a billion dollars. One percent of the users also decreased. It is not that only Disney is going through layoffs. Prior to this, many companies in America have thrown their employees out of job. On Wednesday itself, tech company Zoom had announced the removal of 1300 of its employees. On Monday, Dell had announced the removal of more than six thousand of its employees.

The process of layoffs continues in the world’s leading tech companies. After the Corona epidemic, now the effect of recession is increasing worldwide. Last month in January itself, many tech companies have fired about 50 thousand employees.

The latest case of retrenchment of employees is related to video conferencing service company Zoom. Actually, Zoom has decided to lay off 1300 employees. This is 15 per cent of the total workforce of the company. The company’s CEO Eric Yuan has given this information by posting a blog on the company’s website.

On Monday, Dell Technologies announced to lay off more than 6000 of its employees. According to reports, Dell is planning to reduce five percent of its global workforce. The company’s co-chief operating officer Jeff Clarke said in a note shared with its employees that the market is facing challenging conditions. According to Clarke, the company had announced similar layoffs in 2020 as well.

Edtech unicorn Byju’s has laid off around 1,500 employees. Four people with knowledge of the matter said that Byju’s has fired these employees citing cost optimization and outsourcing of operations. Earlier in October too, Byju’s had laid off around 2,500 employees, which was five per cent of its workforce.

Facebook’s parent company Meta has indicated more layoffs at Facebook. According to media reports, in a recent meeting of executives, CEO Mark Zuckerberg stressed the possibility of more layoffs. The meta company cut 13 percent of its workforce in November last year, the biggest layoff in the company’s history.

Food delivery platform Swiggy had announced to lay off 380 employees in January. Giving information about this, the company had said that it is a very difficult decision. The company told about the removal of 380 potential employees that we are taking this decision to reduce our team. In a mail sent by the company’s CEO Sriharsha Majety to the employees, the growth rate in the food delivery sector has slowed down.

In the month of January itself, Alphabet, the parent company of tech giant Google, had announced the removal of 12,000 employees. According to media reports, the company’s CEO Sundar Pichai gave this information in a memo shared with the employees.

Microsoft, the world’s number one software company, laid off 11,000 employees in January. The layoff was five per cent of the company’s workforce. At Microsoft, the layoffs took place in the human resources and engineering departments. According to a report, in October, Microsoft had shown the way out to around 1,000 employees in various departments. The company had laid off some employees in July last year as well.

In January, IT sector giant Amazon started laying off. The company’s CEO Andy Jassy had said that the layoffs would affect more than 18,000 employees from the company. The company has laid off more than 1000 employees in India. Amazon had sent an email to the fired employees offering five months advance salary.

In January, IBM Corp announced plans to lay off 3,900 employees as part of plans to divest part of its assets. The decision was taken after the company missed its annual cash target in the fourth quarter.

Elon Musk plans to lay off 50 employees in Twitter’s production department, according to a new report in January. After purchasing Twitter in October, Musk made several organizational changes and within weeks laid off 7,500 employees. This retrenchment was around 50 per cent of the total workforce.

Google Layoffs, the world’s largest tech company, can also lay off its employees once again. According to the report of The Information, the company can lay off at least 6 percent of its staff. In such a situation, the employment of at least 11,000 employees is at risk.


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